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Andor Discussion With Diego Luna In Interview

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BY October 3, 2022

With Andor Diego Luna showing up on Disney+ September 21st, I as of late got to talk with Diego Luna about making the most up to date Star Wars series. During the meeting, Luna discussed how Andor is about individuals simply attempting to get by on the two sides of the battle, why making the series on Disney+ permitted them to do things that wasn’t possible in a film, how showrunner Tony Gilroy attempted to make everything as genuine as could really be expected, and the way in which the show is an exceptionally private excursion of characters.

Andor Diego Luna Source: FandomWire

Two seasons for Andor over five years before Rogue One

Andor is a two-season occasion that begins five years before the occasions of Rogue One. The main season will cover a year, while the subsequent season will cover the following four years in 3-episode blocks. Meaning episodes one through three will be year two, episodes four through six is year three, seven however nine is year four, and the last episodes will be year five and the arrangement is to end episode twelve just before Rogue One’s beginnings.

Andor Diego Luna, highlights the arrival of Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma and Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera. Novices to the series incorporate Stellan Skårsgard, Adria Arjona, Kyle Soller, Denise Gough, and Robert Emms. The 12-episode first season will include episodes coordinated by Toby Haynes, Ben Caron, and Susanna White. The trailer garnered a lot of hype for the upcoming show.

Andor Source: IMDB

Andor Diego Luna conversation with Collider in the interview

In an interview with Collider, they asked Luna about the characters in Andor and he had this to say:

“Yeah. It is a show about the people in both sides. It’s quite unfair, I mean, I understand why, but it’s quite unfair to call it Andor because it’s pretty much an ensemble piece where people matters and storylines are important. The people you’ll meet here is just regular people surviving in very dark times of the galaxy, in both sides. In the Empire, in that bureaucratic system that doesn’t allow people to be people to be themselves, where they’re just numbers.

Then you have these other people surviving oppression in very hardcore moments. It’s about that need for people to unite, to articulate a reaction that involves community. It’s about the strength of community. I think it’s a pretty pertinent story, also, these days. This long format, I mean, I grew up watching film. I wanted to do film. I’ve done film all my life, but I tell you one thing, the freedom that this long format has brought to us is quite unique because we can ambition to be, yes, the action and adventure story that Star Wars wants you to be.”

When talking about Andor arcs, he continued:

“I don’t know if he would like me to say this, but I’ll say it, because he was completely honest to me. And I love that about Tony. He is just honest and open and the best collaborator. We had a phone call, and he said, “Look, I’m going to pitch you what I have in mind. And I want to know your opinion before I sit and start writing, or before I commit to this, because we have to be on the same page and I need to know what you think. And I need to know you would like me to go there, otherwise there’s no point on sitting down and writing this.” And he pitched me his first idea, the full picture. And I just couldn’t believe it. It was so in tune with what I had in mind in terms of my backstory, the one I just needed to answer to myself in order to portray Cassian in Rogue One.”

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