American Gods Season 3 Expands An Already Huge Ensemble Cast

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BY November 22, 2019

American Gods season 3 just started filming, and is adding new faces to the show’s roster of deities. Danny Trejo, Julia Sweeney, Dominique Jackson, and the rapper Wale are joining the cast of the Starz series in season 3. This news comes on the heels of reports that Marilyn Manson is also due to appear in the third season. Blythe Danner also joins the cast as the goddess Demeter. The ensemble cast for American Gods was already pretty big, and it just keeps expanding.

American Gods Season 3 Follows A Turbulent Series Run So Far

American Gods has had its share of issues over its two seasons on the air. Showrunner Bryan Fuller departed after the first season, along with actresses Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth who portrayed the goddesses Media and Ostara. The character of Media was recast with Kahyun Kim in the role, who became ‘New Media’ in order to better fit with current societal norms. With all of the faces of Mr. World set up for next season, it almost seems as though the show might run with this prospect of ‘rebooting’ their gods so their faces can change as the actors do.

Author Neil Gaiman himself was allegedly more involved with the production of the second season. But it is unclear if that did the show any favors as the ratings and reception were markedly negative. American Gods season 3 will see yet another new showrunner onboard as Chic Eglee, of Hemlock Grove and The Walking Dead joins to take the helm.

After the deaths of several major characters at the end of last season (RIP Mad Sweeney) it looks as though Starz is trying to reinvigorate the series with some new cast members. Let’s take a look at who has been cast, and what roles they will play in the third season of American Gods.

Danny Trejo Will Play A New Mr. World

American Gods Season 3 Image via Starz

Although actor Crispin Glover is still onboard as the primary face of Mr. World, it looks as though that face might be changing. Mr. World is the de facto leader of the ‘new’ gods such as Media and Tech Boy, who are at war with the old gods of mythology. Crispin Glover was pretty perfectly cast in the role of the sinister Mr. World so it is a little strange to picture anyone else in the role. Still, Danny Trejo is a solid addition to any cast and it will be interesting to see his take on the character.

Dominique Jackson Will Give World A Femme Face

American Gods Image via Starz

Trejo will not be the only new face for Mr. World next season. Dominique Jackson, has also been cast as Ms. World. Jackson is excellent as the fierce Elektra in the FX series Pose, her icy demeanor and haughty stares will serve the character of Ms. World very well. Jackson will also be the first trans actress to appear in American Gods, and I am here for breaking down the gender binary of god and goddess.

Julia Sweeney Will Play Hinzelmann in American Gods Season 3

SNL alum Julia Sweeney also joins the cast of American Gods next season. Sweeney will play Hinzelmann, the mayor of the town of Lakeside where Shadow Moon is hiding out in season 3. In the book, this character is Richie Hinzelmann which means the show is gender-swapping the role. Hinzelmann is a mysterious and important character in the novel, so this casting seems to indicate that the show is getting back on track to following the plot of the book.

Rapper Wale Will Play An Orisha Named Chango

American Gods Season 3 Image via Starz

Nigerian-American rapper Wale also joins the cast as a new character named Chango. According to reports, this character is an Orisha from the Yoruba religion that is popular among the African diaspora. Another Orisha will be joining Chango onscreen, Herizen Guardiola of the Netflix series The Get Down will portray the goddess Oshun. Neither of these characters appear in the book. But it is a smart move to incorporate gods from religions beyond the familiar Greek/Roman/Norse pantheons.

The American Gods Season 3 Cast Ensemble Is Huge

In the midst of writing this article I discovered a ton of other casting news for American Gods that had slipped under the radar. A large ensemble cast is something that the show has always maintained, but it does make one wonder how many cast members are actually returning to the show next season. Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon, and Ian McShane who plays Mr. Wednesday will have to return. But all of this casting news for various gods makes me wonder how many of the other characters like Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) or Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) will get screentime in season 3.

Blythe Danner Blythe Danner Will Play The Greek Goddess Demeter | Image via Starz

Among the plethora of new cast members is Blythe Danner in the role of the goddess Demeter who has a romantic history with Mr. Wednesday. Marilyn Manson will play to type as Johan Wengren, the lead singer of a Viking death metal band called (I’m not making this up) Blood Death. Other new cast members include Eric Johnson as Lakeside chief of police Chad Mulligan; Lela Loren as reporter Marguerite Olsen, and Ashley Reyes as a new character named Cordelia. Some of these are characters from the novel, others are brand-new characters invented for the show. Only time will tell how well the show will be able to return to the source material and potentially wrap up the series, while juggling all of these new characters and subplots.

American Gods season 3 just started filming, no release date has yet been set by Starz.

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