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Amazon Series ‘Citadel’ Has Fantastic Debut

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BY May 7, 2023

The series Citadel got off to a great start on Amazon’s streaming platform. It obtained second place in views in its debut, surpassed only by The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The series premiered two episodes, and with four episodes left of this first season, the public is already excited to see the series’ outcome.

The Russo Brothers, directors of this show, stated that the season finale will be fantastic. Considering the major intrigue that the first two chapters left, it is possible. They also revealed that Citadel is just beginning, as it will have a second season and even a spin-off.

Citadel Amazon Prime Video Image via Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Series Citadel Greenlit

Joe and Anthony Russo’s Citadel series succeeded greatly in the first two episodes on Amazon Prime. The number of views and the very positive reviews it has from the audience led Amazon to give the green light to continue the series and even develop a spin-off.

Citadel has a second season already confirmed. The Russo Brothers also commented that they will make a spin-off, similar to what Warner did with The Batman when developing The Penguin series.

Prime Video: Citadel - Season 1 Image via Amazon Prime Video

Currently, there isn’t any official information for when the Amazon series Citadel’s second season will begin. Nevertheless, the Russo Brothers say the end of the first season will be explosive. The directors asked users not to miss an episode since all the existing intrigues will be resolved in these four remaining chapters. In an interview with Collider, Joe Russo said, “What’s great about the show is that it was designed like an onion, you’re peeling back the layers of it. You can’t trust anything that you see, and I think it goes to a really powerful climax.”

An additional detail mentioned is that these spin-offs will be international. Each one will occur in a different location, Italy and India. The shows will be connected to the American version, although they did not clarify how they will do it.

The Russo Brothers’ Continuous Success

The Russo Brothers are positively impacting the big screen. First, with their success at the Oscars by winning 7 awards for their film Everything Everywhere All at Once, which they produced.

However, these are not the brothers’ only successful productions. The Grey Man and Extraction were very successful movies on Netflix. So much so that Extraction will have a sequel coming to Netflix this summer.

Joe Russo and Anthony Russo speaking at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con International, for "A Conversation with the Russo Brothers", at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Image via Gage Skidmore

With the success of their series Citadel on Amazon, the Russo Brothers seem to have the Midas touch, considering that every film they directed turned gold. Subsequent productions will likely be similarly successful, although we must wait and see what they develop for these films.

An Impactful, Controversial Series

Amazon series Citadel impacted the general public, causing big expectations. The first chapters generated a superb level of intrigue that could be expanded in the next episodes.

Outside of the series, there was also some controversy. The show’s main star, Richard Madden, recently appeared in a James Bond-style video. That made the public think he was announcing his participation in the next James Bond movie. However, the rumors, for now, are just that, and no actor has received an invitation to be the new 007.

Watch Citadel on Amazon Prime Video.

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