Altered Carbon Season 2 Trailer Sees New And Familiar Faces Return

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BY February 12, 2020

The Altered Carbon season 2 trailer is finally here, and it’s glorious. The return of the Netflix original series comes with the full season 2 trailer full of action, turmoil and intrigue. The adrenaline-packed trailer showcases what’s to come in the new season of Altered Carbon, along with a new lead and connections to season 1.

What Is The Original Altered Carbon?

Altered Carbon was a novel from 2002 written by Richard K. Morgan. The story follows a Cyberpunk setting in a dystopian future where the concept of identity and consciousness are up for debate. Characters routinely struggle with their sense of self, and the technology has evolved to make death obsolete, and immortality only accessible to the rich and powerful. Netflix ordered the novel as an adaptation into an original series. The pilot had one of Netflix’s highest budget ever, to date. The series itself feels like an amalgamation of many other science fiction content such as Phillip K. Dick’s Blade Runner or Total Recall. The concepts discussed remind audiences of the philosophical allegories presented by The Matrix movies.

Altered Carbon Season 2 trailer Anthony Mackie. Image via Netflix.

The Netflix series received divisive reactions and reviews. Holding a current Rotten Tomatoes rating of 68%. However, the series garnered enough positive critical reviews, and was successful enough as per Netflix’s own metrics, that season 2 became a reality.

Altered Carbon Season 1 Was A Neo-Noir Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Whodunnit

Season 1 of Altered Carbon was bananas! The first episode of the Netflix original was entirely expository. The world-building and storyline that spans hundreds of years, with multiple characters who take on multiple bodies is dense! And exhausting to follow. But so completely worth it.

The setting for Altered Carbon is a dystopian Earth 300 years in the future. Technology made the downloading and storing of human consciousness into disks a reality. So even when someone’s body dies, the disk keeps their essence and memories intact, downloaded into a new body known as a sleeve. An alleged terrorist known as Tekashi Kovacs is similarly given a temporary pardon from prison and sleeved into a new body. Kovacs is known as an “envoy,” an elite soldier with near-superhuman abilities. He is brought back to life by one of the wealthiest men of the time, who also happens to be immortal, in a way.

With the sleeve and disk technology, death is obsolete for the rich and powerful, since they can just upload themselves into a new body, seemingly being able to live forever. One of these rich men hires Kovacs to find out who killed him. Once. Thus throwing Kovacs, removed from society for 250 years, into an adventure and investigation that blows up the world around him. Unaware of society’s advancements in the past two centuries, Kovacs has to find the killer, while also digging deep into his own past, and how it’s all connected to the flawed society of this new future.

Altered Carbon Season 2 trailer Anthony Mackie. Image via Netflix.

Multiple Actors Playing Leading Men In Altered Carbon

The genius of the premise is that anyone can play these characters. Since the characters’ minds can transfer into different bodies, multiple actors can be the same character. Such as it was for Kovacs. While this is not only a creative solution to not having actors sign contracts for multiple seasons, it’s also a pretty cool concept in the story. Joel Kinnaman (For All Mankind) is technically the lead for most of Altered Carbon season 1, but flashback sequences show others playing the character. Takeshi Kovacs starts out as an Asian man in the past, who spends most of season 1 in Kinnaman’s body. But actor Will Yun Lee played the character in his original sleeve (meaning the body he was born with).

Altered Carbon Season 2 Trailer Has A New Kovacs

In the Altered Carbon season 2 trailer, we get to see Kovacs, but in a brand new sleeve. And that sleeve is none other than the MCU’s Falcon, Anthony Mackie. The trailer begins as Mackie awakens as the new Kovacs. While the season 1 story blew open the world and its society, the personal story of Kovacs was, seemingly, left open to for season 2. The Altered Carbon season 2 trailer sees Kovacs tracking down his mentor and trainer, Quell Falconcrest, who we all thought died in  season 1. The trailer features ample examples of the amazing action sequences that has become the series’ trademark. But there are also a few glimpses of the emotional depth of the story that season 1 also included.

The Action Choreography of Altered Carbon Is Revolutionary

The Matrix sort of reinvigorated the excitement of hand to hand combat with innovative action choreography. Following that, the John Wick franchise raised the stakes with brutal hand to hand, combined with close quarters gun-play, aptly dubbed Gun-Fu. Altered Carbon is completely next level with action choreography that’s genre mash-up gone wild. There is a moment in Season 1 tha sees two protagonists, back to back, taking out a squadron of bad guy henchmen, using high powered rifles, handguns, martial arts, and a Katana. It’s everything that every fandom could want, adapted wonderfully into a massively expansive world that has a bit of everything.

Altered Carbon season 2 is highly anticipated given that season 1 premiere was almost 2 years ago. With the new trailer, the action doesn’t seem to disappoint, but only time will tell if the story holds up as well.

Altered Carbon season 2 releases on Netflix on February 27. 

What did you think of the Altered Carbon Season 2 trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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