Agents of Shield Teaser Drops With First Look at Season 7
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Agents of SHIELD Final Season Teaser Drops Showing Time-Travel Shenanigans

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BY March 24, 2022

A lot of news came from D23, including things fans wanted for some time and news they didn’t want to hear. Lost in the shuffle, however, is the Agents of SHIELD final season teaser trailer. The preview of the already-filmed seventh season highlights the adventures of Marvel’s first TV team throughout time. In the Agents of SHIELD season finale a few weeks ago, the crew found themselves in 1931 New York. We didn’t see much of the regulars in the Agents of SHIELD final season teaser, but we do get to see a scene featuring the villains of this final run. The flagship series for Marvel Television struggled at the onset, but it will end on a high-note, hopefully.

The past few seasons saw the series, technically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, break out on its own. Outside of a vague reference to “New York” in the fifth season finale, the series all but ignores the epic conclusion of the Infinity Saga. Their own time-travel hijinks will allow them to, possibly, reference the movies again, specifically “the snap.” Yet, they won’t have to and it definitely won’t impact their own storyline. Typically the series reacts to the changes made in the MCU, most notably the dissolution of SHIELD during their first season. Now, the show focuses on telling its own stories, and that makes all the difference. With 13-episode seasons, it seems like Agents of SHIELD could go on indefinitely. Yet, as every hero knows, it’s always best to make a graceful exit.

What We See In the Agents of SHIELD Final Season Teaser Trailer

As mentioned above, the Agents of SHIELD final season teaser trailer starts with a scene set in 1931. In a dark, abandoned building (a pharmacy?), a trio of crooked cops meet with some shady bad guys. They identify themselves as Chronicoms, artificial life forms who lost their planet to the big bad of last season. When we last left them, they didn’t have the ability to time-travel. However, in the final act of the sixth season finale, Iain De Caestecker’s Fitz and Elizabeth Henstridge’s Simmons faced an impossible choice. What that choice was, however, remains a mystery. All we know is that Joel Stoffer’s Enoch, a good Chronicom, told them he had a plan they would not “like.” The next time we see them, time has passed for them, and they rescue the rest of the cast from certain doom.

So, whether these bad Chronicoms are time-travelers or just on Earth in 1931, we don’t know. What we do know is that whatever deal they worked out with these crooked cops is a double-cross. The scene ends with two of them being blown away by space rifles. The third cop has his face erased. From there the Agents of SHIELD final season teaser shifts to a sizzle-reel of sorts. They show the new, artificial, Phil Coulson, a shot of the “lighthouse” base used the past two seasons shooting off a missile, and a HYDRA ring. Beyond that, we know very little about what the final season has in store when it premieres in the summer of 2020.

The Swan Song of the Flagship Marvel Television Series

Agents of Shield Final season teaser trailer 1 Image via Marvel Television

In an interview with Deadline, Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb promised a bright future for Marvel TV. He hinted at projects lined up for Disney+, highlighted their multiple series coming to Hulu, and refused to talk about the new ABC show from Marvel. Still, Agents of SHIELD made all of it possible. Critically panned its first few seasons (unfairly, in this reporter’s opinion), they persisted. They proved that quality Marvel stories and characters could work on the small screen as well. Thanks to time-travel, they will likely get a chance to revisit their “greatest hits,” as it were, in various time periods. We will likely see old characters again, giving fans a chance to say so long to the show that started it all.

Most interesting will be the new Phil Coulson. Part Chronicom and part the Phil we loved in Avengers, Clark Gregg will also get to take a victory lap of sorts. One of but three television characters to appear in the films, Coulson is an indelible part of the MCU mythos. While he’s dead (for real this time), this new version of the character offers just enough of the old Coulson to bring the show back to its roots. As Tony Stark said in Avengers: Endgame, part of the journey is the end. Well, Agents of SHIELD earned the opportunity to end on its own terms. It’s bittersweet, because while the show could go on, this ending is one we can’t wait to see.

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