After Season 2 Launch, The Boys Gets A Spin-Off Series At Amazon Prime
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After Record-Breaking Season 2 Launch, The Boys Gets A Spin-Off Series At Amazon

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BY September 27, 2020

One of the appealing things about adapting comic book properties into movie or series franchises is the sheer volume of story potential. Many comic series anchors, like Batman or Spider-Man, serve as a springboard for the launch of a near-countless array of allies and foes. Well, after the massive launch of season 2 of The Boys, Amazon ordered a spin-off series set in that world. The new show will be set at a college, which is not an unusual setting. What makes it unique, however, is that this high school is the only one in the US that caters to young superheroes. Along with all the typical trials and tribulations that high school kids face, these students also have to contend with volatile superpowers they can’t necessarily control.

The success of The Boys is sort of unparalleled for a streaming show. The show gave the streamer a massive boost in its worldwide audience with season 1, and now the weekly schedule of season 2 is further expanding the views. Its success already greenlit season 3 and now The Boys spin-off spin-off series will be fast-tracked at Amazon Prime. The universe of The Boys is growing rapidly, and I for one am loving it!

The Boys Spin-Off Sounds Like An Amazing College Romp

The Boys Season One Image via Prime Video

The new series will be set in a superhero college, run by the corrupt corporation of Vought International. The series will showcase the lives of superheroes who are college students, training to be official superheroes in the real world. I mean, that sounds kind of great. The typical high school/college show usually has an unrealistically good looking cast, dealing with the most unrealistic of emotional/romantic/personal problems. Now add to that the R-rated adventures and potential for the ridiculousness of the patented The Boys world, but in college, is extremely exciting. Especially given the unique world of series where superheroes are a common thing, with everyone competing to be sponsored or hired to be the official superhero of a brand or city. 

The spin-off series comes from the folks who produced The Boys for Amazon, Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and James Weaver. Comic series creators Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson are involved, as well as Ken Levin and Jason Netter. The pilot will be written by Craig Robertson, also an executive producer. In the works for some time, Sony Pictures TV and Amazon decided to “fast-track” the series in order to capitalize on the great success of the second season of the original show. The first season of The Boys set a record for Amazon, and this latest season almost doubled that original viewership.

The Boys Gives Us One of the Biggest and Most Fun Hits in a While

jeffrey dean morgan the boys Image via Prime Video

The recent Emmys showed how comic book shows can also be serious despite being genre shows, like The Watchmen. But show like The Boys proves that comic book properties don’t need to be elevated or super dramatized to be successful. The Boys is stupendously fun, action-packed, outrageous in moments, and behaves similarly to how it does on the comic book page. And it’s great! Creator Eric Kripke doesn’t strip away it’s bright and colorful elements to match the real world to be taken seriously. And the show revels in those comic book moments. Kripke and Rogen confirmed the news via Twitter, with the latter calling it the Vought Cinematic Universe. Production for season 3 of The Boys is already underway, and there is no further word on when this series will film its pilot.

The report doesn’t say if this is a straight-to-series order or if they are just making the pilot. However, it seems with the desire to fast-track the project, it’s almost certain to be picked up. Its obvious commentaries on superhero culture, and depicting the messed-up ways that superpowered people, good and bad, could behave in the real world deconstructs the superhero genre. Still the series tries to keep things light and on the outrageous side. So with the news of The Boys spin-off, it’s interesting to hear that the premise of the new show could offer even more hijinks and lighthearted hilarity.

What do you think? Are you excited that Amazon will bring a spin-off series from The Boys to life? What sort of stories and characters do you hope to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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