1923 Season 2 Plot & Release Date of the Yellowstone Prequel
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1923 Season 2 Plot & Release Date of the Yellowstone Prequel

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BY February 13, 2023

After the amazing success of Paramount’s TV series titled Yellowstone, fans were excited to find out about the potential prequel series. Moreover, the prequel series 1923 once again follows the Dutton family as they face major social problems. Read on to find out what you can expect in the 1923 season 2 plot. 

Prequel Series about the Duttons

Paramount’s Yellowstone achieved viewership records at the end of each season. The series once again leveled up with the finale of season 5 airing on Jan. 1. In addition, the finale seems not to be the ending! It sounds weird, I know, but the show will continue for another episode

Just months ago, fans got even more confused and ecstatic to find out the plot for the Yellowstone prequel series. While Yellowstone takes place on the Dutton ranch in the 1950s, the 1923 prequel takes place 30 years prior to this. 

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren portray the main characters, Jacob and Cara Dutton. The prequel series titled 1923 follows the two as they struggle to establish a good household. On top of dealing with the global pandemic and a national drought, the two now face repercussions of the Prohibition Era. 

The premiere of 1923 was viewed by a whopping 7.4M viewers, making it the most-watched TV series premiere in the U.S. Moreover, the amazing casting choices and the high budget make the show even better. Some of the familiar faces include Marley Shelton, Jerome Flynn, Darren Mann, and Julia Schlaepfer. 

Apart from 1923, Yellowstone has several other essential spin-offs and prequels. For example, you can also tune in to see more details about the Duttons in 1883, Tulsa King, and the Mayor of Kingstown. 

1923 season 2 plot Paramount’s series 1923

What will the 1923 season 2 plot be about?

Disclaimer: Major 1923 season 1 spoilers ahead. Just like we see in every season of Yellowstone, 1923 season 1 ended with several major cliffhangers which need to be explained in the 1923 season 2 plot. First off, is Jack alive?? 

At the end of the finale, we see a mysterious man raise the rifle towards Jack and fire, However, we don’t get to see if he actually shot Jack for dead or not. Hopefully not, because Jack’s arc is not done yet!

On the other hand, there’s another cliffhanger related to the leopard hunter. We see him finally find his deadly prey. However, will he manage to kill the pair of leopards that leap toward him? We still don’t know! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love cliffhangers! Thankfully, we probably won’t wait long for the next season. The Yellowstone creators take one year per season to create it, so the 1923 season 2 is probably coming in September. 

Let’s hope 1923 season 2 explains these cliffhangers. On the other hand, some of the major societal issues have come up in season 1. For example, Aminah Nieves portrays a young Native American girl. The suffering she goes through makes her question whether her Native American family and friends are even alive. Moreover, this is when she decides to escape.

With the seed of future conflicts between Aminah’s character and the Nuns successfully planted, we eagerly await to see what will happen. In addition, the hunter’s exploitation and Jack’s ranch issues are raging on. 

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