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Superhero comics are typically about individuals with an array of special abilities or superpowers. In addition to fantasy worlds, certain comics are also based on history and real-life events. If you are a fan of superhero movies, it is useful to note that most of them are based on comic books. Although comic strips are funny and brief, comic books are their own kind of book. Superhero fans can read more about the characters they love and where they came from.

Explore the Fascinating World of Superhero Comics

The list of superheroes that have captivated fans over the years is nearly limitless. Superhero comics are one of the best ways for individuals to enjoy reading about mythical characters, with the occasional films and TV series that gets released along the way. Because most superhero comics are designed for escapism, many people often feel empowered through identifying with various characters.

Popular Superhero Comic List

The Avengers

The Avengers is a team of extraordinary individuals with a wide spectrum of superpowers. The group was first assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D. when Loki attempted to invade Earth with a Chitauri army. The Avengers is mainly affiliated with the United States of America but works with peaceful interests of the whole world to protect global stability.

Justice League

Although the Justice League is not first team of superheroes to be formed in the DC universe, they have saved humanity from the worst threats it has ever faced, from Darkseid to alien warmongers to ancient demons. Justice League is recognized as the standard by which all other superhero teams are measured. While the superhero team has endured many roster changes, the most notable characters include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. They are the greatest fighters for justice and truth that the world has ever known.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s witty and colorful outer space traveling team. This superhero comic dates back to 1968 and reached its highest readership levels during the 1970s when the superheroes time-traveled to the 20th century. The mission was fight alongside the Avengers during the Korvac Saga.

Star Wars

The first Star Wars film was released in 1977 and became one of the most famous sagas on Earth. It took the world by storm and created a strong demand for more adventures within the Star Wars universe. Before all these events, Star Wars started out as a comic series that was published by Marvel. The first issue of Star Wars was released on April 12, 1977 before the actual movie. After following the movie’s synopsis closely for the first six issues, Marvel was granted complete freedom in creating new adventures for the heroes. In fact, the public response was so great that the Star Wars comic series helped save Marvel from financial ruin.

Suicide Squad

Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, the original Suicide Squad made its debut in The Brave and the Bold #25 (1959). The team consisted of four non-powered humans which was led by military man Rick Flag, Jr. The Suicide Squad specializes in fighting monsters on behalf of the government.


Deadpool was introduced in one of the final issues of New Mutants in 1991. Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, Deadpool was a mercenary and an oddball cross between DC Comics’ Deathstroke and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Today, Deadpool is now a multi-media star and one of Marvel’s most-prominent anti-hero characters.

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