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Suicide Squad

Everyone loves superheroes and their epic stories of saving the world that stem from dramatic fights for justice. However, if there is one thing more exciting than superheroes, it is definitely when villains turn into superheroes and stand on the side of good. In Suicide Squad, the heroes are exactly that- the world’s most dangerous villains recruited to save the world, forming a powerful supervillain team.

About Suicide Squad

The first version of Suicide Squad was published in 1959 by DC comics and was written by Robert Kanigher and illustrated by Ross Andru. The more modern version was published in 1987 and was written by John Ostrander. The newest version of suicide squad was launched in 2014, written by Sean Ryan and illustrated by Jeremy Roberts.Suicide Squad features an extensive number of criminals with many different back stories on how they ended up as part of the suicide squad. Its lineup has changed multiple times since 1959. The name suicide squad was created because the team was often sent on high difficulty missions- also known as suicide missions. However, even though occasional failure resulted, the team was mostly successful in the missions they were sent on. They are also known as Task Force X.

Popular Suicide Squad Comics

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known and popular Suicide Squad comic titles (in no particular order):

Notable Members of Star Wars Comics

The character line up of suicide squad has changed multiple times over the years since its inception in 1959. Below is the list of the most notable characters in the Suicide Squad:

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