X-Men Dazzler Movie Starring Dua Lipa Is Possible!
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X-Men Dazzler Movie Starring Dua Lipa Is Possible!

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BY November 4, 2022

While Marvel needs to confirm the introduction of these characters, Cameron Crowe wants to make a movie with X-Men Dazzler.

Marvel is revamping and bringing out characters in multiple productions of its comic book universe. For that, it uses both the Disney + series and the movies it releases in theaters. An example of this is Skaar, the son of the Hulk who appeared in the She-Hulk series, Ms. Marvel’s appearance on the streaming platform, and Ironheart, who will be in the movie Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever.

The X-Men world is seeing movement, not only because Ms. Marvel was confirmed as the first mutant in the MCU. In other productions, such as Deadpool, which will feature the presence of Huck Jackman, playing the role of Logan.

More recently, it became known that a movie of another character related to this franchise is wanted. It is about the X-Men Dazzler, a mutant who is a music producer and pop singer. Additionally, the team planning and developing this production is considering hiring singer Dua Lipa as the main character.  

X-Men Dazzler Movie With Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Image: Justin Higuchi Flickr

The director Cameron Crowe, famous for leading the productions Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, had an interview and commented that he is interested in directing a movie related to a mutant character. It is about the X-Men Dazzler, and he said he is considering hiring the singer Dua Lipa to represent this mutant.

The director exclaimed when the character was mentioned to him on The Playlist, “Throw me a Dazzler movie! Let’s do it,”. He was then asked if he had any information about the character and if he knew the story. To this, he replied, “No, but I will be today! Who should play Dazzler? I can see you have an idea for this”.

She then said “I’m feeling Dua Lipa for this. Tomorrow I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, I’ve been thinking about Dua for Dazzler, you know, I’ve been thinking about this for a while.’ And giving you no credit . No, no, I think it’s cool. Doing a movie like that could be a blast. You can have character development and all that deep stuff and also have spectacle. You can do it. And it’s heading there, clearly”.

The choice of a pop singer for this character is quite logical, considering that the X-Men Dazzler is also a pop singer in her first version. This mutant is a music producer and pop singer who turns sound into energy. In the second edition of the character, she is more into rock and adult contemporary music.

This mutant appeared in 2019 in The Dark Phoenix movie. She also gained fame by being in the Marvel X -Terminators book. Her appearance on the big screen could be a preamble to the reboot of the X-Men franchise, which Kevin Feige renamed The Mutants.

How Will the X-Men Appear in the MCU?

Jonathan Hickman Leaving X-Men

Here’s the key question for X-Men fans. We have the cited cases of Ms. Marvel and Deadpool, also the appearance of a version of Professor X in the Doctor Strange 2 movie, and Namor that we will see in Black Panther 2. So we may have a paused appearance of this franchise.

As is the case with X-Men Dazzler and Deadpool, we could see stand-alone movies, providing an introduction to a new saga. In the same way, they did with the Avengers franchise, where they first developed the main character productions.

It makes little sense for Kevin Feige to think about developing a movie without some prior background. Considering how he is structuring the Marvel Universe in a coercive and unified way, it is possible to assume that he will do this with the X-men.

We could see productions based on the main mutants, starting with Professor Charles Xavier. Also, Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine are primordial, according to the Marvel president’s statements.

Michael Waldron confirms this in a statement, where he commented, “We’re all doing it together. Everybody in that sequence, it’s a collaboration with Sam , of course, with the actors. I’m just trying to give them a great foundation, to come in and bring this stuff to life. And geez, they all knocked it out of the park”.

We will have to wait before seeing an X-Men Dazzler or Mutants movie, considering this saga is still very green in the MCU. However, we think it will be brief, as Feige jokingly said, “You want to wait till Phase 10 for the X-Men? Alright, that’s longer than I want to wait. But I guess.”

Featured Image Via Marvel Comics  


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