Who is Atom Smasher? A Look At The Character In Black Adam
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Who is Atom Smasher? A Look At The Character In Black Adam

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BY July 18, 2022

You are about to learn more about the origin of Albert Rothstein, also known as Atom Smasher and Nuklon. This character will soon appear in the new DC movie Black Adam as one of the heroes and protagonists. This character has an extensive relationship with the antihero Black Adam as companions in adventures and friendship. These characters would participate in various battles, both as allies and rivals. They would also have several values and aspects in common that would lead him to leave the Justice Society of America at the time. He would also fight Black Adam and Isis to save Captain Marvel and keep them away from The Rock of Eternity. Join us in this article to find out who is Atom Smasher.

Who is Atom Smasher?

Atom Smasher Image: DC Comics

This character is a metahuman who can control his atoms and, therefore, change his size and increase his strength, speed and other skills. This hero has had several versions at the time, starting with All Pratt, who would be the father of Albert Rothstein, from whom he would inherit his powers.

Another version is Albert Rothstein, who will appear in the Black Adam movie. This character is strongly associated with the Justice Society as part of its founding team. In this, he teamed up with Doctor Fate and Black Adam, with whom he would have a great friendship. This anti-hero considered him at the time more than a friend. He said he was the brother he could never have.

The final version of Atom Smashers is done by Damage, who we see in the more modern version of the Justice Society of America. His powers are the same in the different versions. What changes is his personality.

Origin and Biography

DC Comics Image: DC Comics)

The origin of this hero’s powers goes beyond his father, All Pratt, the truth that these powers belonged to his grandfather, the villain Cyclotron. When he obtained these powers, he dedicated himself to fighting criminals, first under Nuklon and later changing his name to Atom Smasher.

Albert would fight for a long time for justice locally, being allowed by the authorities to do so. All focused on honouring the memory of his father, All Pratt. This would lead him to climb the ladder of his actions by founding Infinity, Inc. along with other heroes. Later, he would also join the Justice League to achieve his goal of honouring his father.

After his adventures in these two teams, he founded the Justice Society of America together with Doctor Fate. Here he would try to continue with his objectives, but certain events would deviate his path.

Justice Society (Original and Modern)

Justice Society Image: DC Comics)

In the original Justice Society, as mentioned, he was a founding member with high ideals of justice. However, this would change when his mother died in a plane crash caused by a Kobra terrorist attack. This caused resentment in this character. And although he could revive his mother, thanks to the help of one of the new gods, Metron, it had its consequences. To wake her, he had to change the life of an Extant villain, which turned him into a murderer, according to his ideals.

After these events, he would meet Captain Marvel’s main rival, Black Adam. The latter would eventually rehabilitate himself, join this group, and form a strong friendship with Atom Smasher. Black Adam and Atom Smasher talked a lot about the moralistic limitations of the Justice Society, which would generate strong feelings of resentment in Rothstein.

Black Adam Executes Kobra with the Help of Atom-Smasher

Kobra Image: DC Comics

This would explode when, through blackmail, the authorities decide to release the terrorist Kobra. This fact makes Atom Smasher furious, and together with Black Adam, they decide to take justice into their own hands. At this moment, Black Adam assassinates Kobra, while Rothstein eliminates the boss and dictator of the city Khandaq. To do so, he assembles a squad of metahumans with dubious values, such as Brainwave II and Northwind, to invade and eradicate the dictatorial government in the city.

At that time, it would be the first time that Atom Smasher would leave the Justice Society. He would even fight against it in the city of Khandaq and Black Adam until they made a truce between them. This consisted that they would not act outside the city limits.

He would stay in the city for a while until The Spectre killed him. However, Black Adam would revive him, using the mystical powers of his lightning and take him back to the Justice Society of America. There he would be tried for his crimes and plead guilty to them.

Amanda Waller Comes Into Play

Amanda Waller Image: DC Comics

There he would spend an extended period in jail until Amanda Waller would go to free him to form a new Suicide Squad. This would have an objective to attack the Marvel family and discredit them. In the end, they are defeated, but Osiris, the brother of Black Adam’s wife, kills Persuasion, one of the squad members.

Subsequently, the Justice Society of America decides to capture Black Adam, having Atom Smasher back, but under constant surveillance. The latter agrees to arrest Black Adam but not to condemn him. They would fight several times with him in what would be called the third world war.

After the death of Isis, Atom Smasher would help Black Adam in the resurrection of his wife. Both in the raid of the Lazarus pit and the trials he had to undergo to collect the pieces of the talisman of the goddess Isis.

Moses would be revived but controlled by Doctor Fate until Black Adam saves her. However, she would be corrupted by his powers, and they would attack Captain Marvel, stripping him of his powers and taking control of the Eternal Rock. Atom Smasher and the rest of the Justice Society of America would fight them, rescuing Captain Marvel and giving him back his powers.

Teaming up to Stop Isis

DC Comics Image: DC Comics

They would go to Black Adam’s home city, where Isis would begin to eliminate the citizens. Black Adam realizes that Isis is not the woman she was before and would stop her, along with Atom Smasher and the rest of the team, until Captain Marvel takes away both of their powers. Atom Smasher would save him from death in this part and Isis, although they would both be set in stone for the time being.

In the modern version of the Justice Society of America, the character is represented by Damage. This is illustrated by Grant Emerson, a student who participated in an experiment with Vandal Savage. In this, he is injected with the DNA of several Superheroes, including the original Atom Smasher, giving him powers to emit explosive rays.

This would join the Justice Society after going through the Young Titans. This is to fight against the Imperiex organization, comprised of the villains Obsidian, Eclipso and Mordru. They would fight as an elite top-secret government team in that and additional missions.

The Injustice Society Attack

Injustice Society Image: DC Comics

He would have several adventures with this team until the Injustice Society eliminated several members. Damage survives but has severe injuries to his face caused by Zoom. This would change his fun and explosive character into someone reserved and grumpy. In fact for this reason, he would wear a mask, adapted to a modern version of the original Atom Smasher costume, to honour him.

Zoom would later appear at the Justice Society of America, accusing Damage of maiming him. The Society does not believe him, causing the villain to flee to Georgia, where the Society was forbidden to go. Damage, going against the prohibitions, captures Zoom, but Liberty Bell tries to persuade him not to take revenge on Zoom, causing him to be distracted, and Zoom attacks him.

Liberty Bell would catch Zoom and help Damage, and despite the mission not being approved, they were not charged with anything. Subsequently, Gog would heal Damage’s face, restoring joy in him but causing fanaticism of the hero towards that god.

This fanaticism causes him to attack Stargirl when she confronts him about his reverence for the god. He would later be stopped by the original Atom Smasher (All Pratt), talking with him.

Damage does not believe in the words of Atom Smasher, but at that moment, the Justice Society of America decides to confront Gog, considering him dangerous for the planet. When the Justice Society of America attacks Gog, this god withdraws all the blessings, turning his scars on his face.

When this happens, Damage goes to Gog and attacks him with full force, but to little effect. The Justice Society of America manages to defeat the god in the end, and Damage is still on the team, but with sadness and cynicism over the state of his face.

His Appearance in Black Adam

Atom Smasher Image: DC Comics

This character will appear in the Black Adam movie as part of the group of heroes trying to stop the anti-hero from eliminating more people. Among these are Doctor Fate, who would also be the villain. The version that will appear is the older version of the character, namely Albert Rothstein.

We will likely see the appearance of the character at the time when Black Adam joins the Justice Society. We will see how the friendship between the two characters is forged until they become best friends.

Atom Smasher Powers and Abilities

DC Comics Image: DC Comics

The powers and abilities vary according to the version of the character. In the case of All Pratt and Albert Rothstein, the latter has the power to alter molecules to grow or reduce their size. Also, to increase his strength, speed, resistance and other qualities of his body.

In the case of Damage, he does not have this quality; instead, he can emit radioactive, explosive rays. He can emit them as rays from his hands and use them to attack the enemy. He also has super strength, superhuman reflexes, agility and the ability to super jump, using the energy beams as a springboard.

Atom Smasher’s Appearances

Atom Smasher’s appearances have mainly happened in comics. However, he has appeared on other platforms as well. He has appeared in television series. In addition to the upcoming movie, Black Adam. He has also had a presence in both video games and toys.

On Television

Atom Image: DC

He has had several television appearances, including the DC animated series Justice League Unlimited. The character’s voice is played by Kevin Conroy and formally appears in episode 8. In this episode, he helps the League to confront aliens who threaten the Earth by the influence of an element called the Dark Heart.

Arrowverse Image: Warner Bros Television

Another appearance he had was in the series The Flash, in the episode Power Outage. In this, Albert would die when the reactor explodes and that causes the powers in Barry Allen. However, a version from another universe would appear and try to assassinate him, by orders of Professor Zoom.

We will soon have him in the next DC movie, Black Adam, played by Noah Centineo. Like the comic book version, he will likely be a great friend of Shazam’s number one enemy.

In Toys and Video Games

Toys Mattel Image: Toys Mattel

This character has been in some toys and also in video games. First, we can see him as part of a summer collection in 2005 called Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited toyline. This was part of a set of superhero action figures.

In February 2009, another action figure of this DC character came out from Collect-and-Connect. This one would be part of the so-called seventh wave of the DC Universe Classics toy line.

Videogames Image: Injustice: Gods Among Us

In the case of Video Games, this one has a second appearance in the game Injustice: Gods Among Us. This one appears in an animated video, fighting above the Justice Society hall and crashing into it when hit during the fight.

This DC character will soon be in the Black Adam movie released in theatres. This character will be part of a group of heroes, including Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Cyclone. This film will be released on October 21, 2022, and stars Dwayne Jhonson, The Rock.

Noah Centineo will play the role of Atom Smasher in the second version of this hero. Possessing the powers of super-size, super-strength and super-speed powers. He will wear a suit similar to the comics when he was part of the Justice Society.

Recently we were able to enjoy the trailer of this movie. At what level is your hype level to see this movie? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image Via DC Comics

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