Warner Bros. Discovery International Boss Spoke At RTS London
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Warner Bros. Discovery International President Gerhard Zeiler Spoke At RTS London Convention 2022

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BY October 1, 2022

Warner Bros. Discovery International head Gerhard Zeiler addressed its next strategy at the RTS London Convention 2022. Warner continues with the changes we have seen over the last few months, thanks to the merger. These changes go far beyond content, where managers play a crucial role.

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In this order of ideas, Zeiler talked about wanting to develop more Warner Discovery product franchises, including Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and DC. The changes continue to take place, and the commercial strategies implemented are bearing fruit. There have been many transformations since this whole Warner Bros. hype began.

Warner Bros. Discovery Internacional Wants to Develop Franchises

Gerhard Zeiler has already confirmed at the RTS London Convention 2022 the “development of franchises.” Those with priority are Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and DC. At RTS London, Zeiler said, “we probably focus more on the development of franchises.” Zeiler noted that there would be an improvement in movie audiences as the world is beating the pandemic. He also acknowledged that fewer films are successful, but the big ones are much more successful than anyone predicted.

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He continued, “Everyone who believed cinema is dead has been proven wrong and will be proved wrong in the future. The theatrical business is here to stay, although of course the pandemic changed things,” he added.

Among the changes we have already heard about is a team restructuring that will carry out Warner Bros.’s 10-year plan “focusing just on DC.” All this has allowed making strategic decisions, which according to Zeiler,  have been the right ones. One of these decisions was the recent appointment of Priya Dogra to President and Managing Director EMEA of Warner Bros. Discovery. She has been one of the big winners of the international restructuring, which took place six months ago.

Changes and Improvements for the Conglomerate

Warner Bros. Discovery continues with the changes and improvements for the conglomerate, betting fervently on cinema. They believe local content will undoubtedly lead to world success, as their international boss Gerhard Zeiler reaffirmed. Zeiler affirms that as a content company, they are always looking to tell not just any stories but the best ones. They do this in different ways, including products such as TV series, feature films, sports, animation, news, and games.

Among the strategies to follow is not to put all the content they have in a single window; that is not what consumers are looking for right now. Thus, the products to release must necessarily provide quality content. This is key, especially with what the industry is looking for now. That includes the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, which aims at all times at sustainable and profitable growth of broadcast subscriptions.

WarnerMedia y Discovery se fusionarán, anuncia AT&T

All this has allowed the company to save more than $3 billion, thanks to the adjustment made in July. A programming strategy for HBO Max streaming services in some parts of Europe was implemented. In this way, the board confirmed that they would not continue producing originals for HBO Max in the Nordic countries, Central Europe, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

Among the changes that have also brought good results was appointing David Zaslav as CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. So far he has shown what he is made of and that he is a very ambitious person, which is in line with what the current company wants. That is part of what the company has materialized so far, giving a completely diverse approach when selecting its senior management in all parts of the world.

In this way, the goals to achieve are defined. Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to be among the top 3 media players, aiming all their resources, efforts, and strategies to achieve it.

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