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Toronto Comicon Joins Events Canceled Due To Coronavirus

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BY March 15, 2020
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Now, we’re pretty sure that you, like many others, are starting to get frustrated with all of the events being canceled right now. It’s unfortunate. It’s been a big time for concerts, festivals, and other big events. So, we’re all here with you, feeling some disappointment. Unfortunately, one of the most recent events canceled because of Coronavirus is the Toronto Comicon. It joins the Emerald City Comic Con, among many other events, in the long list of cancelations. As a yearly attendee of the con, I am with you all in expressing my deepest disappointments.

Toronto Comicon Canceled Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Toronto Comicon is one of the largest events in Canada for all things entertainment. The event draws fans from around the world and provides a slew of great celebrity guests and special events all weekend. This year’s celebrity line-up included guests such as Brian Herring, the voice of BB-8, and Peter Davison, among many others.

Toronto Comicon was scheduled for March 20th to the 22nd of this year. Well, unfortunately, that’s right in the midst of many recommended quarantines and shutdowns. Schools all over Toronto are being shut down and working remotely. So, Toronto Comicon has decided to cancel its event entirely. The event has a similar gathering, Fan Expo, that occurs in the summer of every year. This year the event will run from August 27th to the 30th. Instead of trying to postpone the con, they’re just going to try and transfer everything to that event. (Which, as a Torontonian, is equally as exciting every year).

What Now?

The event waited a few days to announce its cancelation compared to other big events. They had the opportunity to provide some options to disappointed fans and creators. Anybody who already had a ticket to Toronto Comicon will be able to supersize their ticket and transfer it to the summer’s Fan Expo. Or, they can defer their purchase to next year’s con in 2021. Each ticket holder also has the option for a full refund, minus service fees. Photo ops and special events will already be refunded automatically.

Now, we know that it’s not just about the fans. Plenty of creators have had to miss out on the opportunity to show their work at the con. Exhibitors are also given options outlined on the Toronto Comicon website. They mimic the options for events, with options for Fan Expo, Toronto Comicon 2021, or for a full booth refund.

 Start Getting Excited For Toronto Fan Expo

As mentioned, the Toronto Fan Expo is an equally exciting event. They run similar events in the same space and often have an even more impressive celebrity line-up. And the best part is that you don’t have to dress up in the freezing Toronto winters! This year’s event already has impressive celebrity guests lined up. They include some of our favorite Lord of the Rings hobbits, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, and none other than Elijah Wood.

Readers, we know it’s hard to see things that you’ve been excited about getting canceled left and right. Toronto Comicon is only one of many events canceled due to coronavirus. So, we hope you can find some entertainment in these dark times.

Are you a creator that’s recently been impacted by recent cancelations, like Toronto Comicon? We’d love to chat about your experience. Get in touch with the Comic Years team if you’d like to share your side of the struggle.

Featured image via Fan Expo Canada and Toronto Comicon.

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