Tom Holland Is A "Freak" For Work Ethic, Being A Nice Guy
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Tom Holland Is A “Freak” For Work Ethic, Being A Nice Guy Claims Co-Star

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BY March 16, 2022

Many people hold popular beliefs about celebrities. While these range the gamut of opinions, one notable one is that Tom Holland is a nice guy. Driven largely by his roles and interviews to date, he often gives off that impression. As Willem Dafoe notes, however, it’s not just fans that believe this.

In a recent DVD featurette from Spider-Man: No Way Home – where Holland portrays the titular character and Dafoe returns as the Green Goblin – the latter actor highlighted how nice the former was. He went on to claim that he’s a “freak” because of how nice he is, alongside with all of the work he does.

Tom Holland Is A Nice Guy; Is A “Freak” For Work Ethic

Anybody that’s seen Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man: No Way Home or related films that the actor has starred in could be surprised by the claims. He went onto detail them in the DVD featurette, however. As it turns out, Holland may have outdone many other actors in terms of the niceness department. That’s especially true when you add in each of the stunts that he’s done.

Speaking about how Tom Holland is a nice guy, Dafoe notes that the younger actor is “impressive”. Added onto this is the fact that Holland did many of his own stunts in the movie. As Dafoe notes:

“He’s very impressive,” he said. “Also, physically, he’s very agile and is just really skilled so, in doing the stunts and the fighting stuff, he’s a freak, man. He’s really clean, he’s really good. Really beautiful.”

Willem Dafoe In Spider-Man: Speaks Out About Holland

Spider-Man No Way Home ENding Explained Tom Holland Public Enemy Image via Sony Pictures

As it turns out, however. Willem Dafoe isn’t the only person praising Tom Holland. Jamie Foxx, who reprised his role as Electro in the film, also spoke about him. As he said in a recent interview:

“Here’s the thing. And at one point, you’ll see, he’s trying to figure things out and that’s what makes it amazing – because he’s basically torn. He wants to be cool with these guys but at the same time they really want to eliminate him. And then, here’s the thing, you’re filling big shoes, cause we’ve grown up with Tobey. So, you think to yourself, will there be ? And here comes this young guy with this fresh face who is really in tune in every aspect.”

Whether or not Tom Holland is a nice guy, it seems as though many actors that have worked with him have nothing but praise for the rising actor. 

Tom Holland stars in Uncharted, which was released earlier this year.

The Spider-Man franchise isn’t the only big-name film franchise Tom Holland has been in recently. He also stars in an adaption of the Uncharted film, which was met with a mixed reception, especially among gamers.

Do you think Tom Holland is a nice guy, as Willem Dafoe claims? What do you think of the actor? What did you think of Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Have you seen Uncharted, and what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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