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Tobey Maguire’s Birthday – The First Spider-Man Turns 47

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BY June 27, 2022

One of the Spider-Man actors that marked the beginning of the new millennium, Tobey Maguire, celebrates his birthday today. Maguire’s character was not as flashy as the other versions and closely resembled the comic and the animated series. He was a hero who sought to protect others, shy when he was Peter Parker and fearless and bold when he assumed the arachnid identity.

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Image via Sony Pictures

Maguire was the first to portray Spider-Man on the big screen. Many liked the idea of seeing him again in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the extraordinary performance he provided. 

Tobey Maguire’s 47th Birthday

Today is Tobey Maguire’s 47 birthday. Tobey was the first actor in history to play Spider-Man 20 years ago. He starred in 3 Spider-Man movies, although he was almost left out of the third one for requesting a high salary.

He got the role in this movie after Sony acquired the character’s rights from Marvel in ’98. They tested several renowned actors, such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Heath Ledger, Jude Law, and James Franco. 

Despite having less experience than these actors and having never read a comic book, Maguire auditioned. In a camera shot, Sam Raimi, the film’s director, was impressed and cast him for the character. 

Spider-Man movies Image via Sony Pictures

The first version was a resounding success, and because of this, Sony decided to make a sequel. However, it would not be easy for Maguire this time due to a back injury.

In Seabiscuit, he played a jockey, and during filming activities, he injured his back. His participation became doubtful, and there were even rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal would replace him. After treatments and tests, Maguire was able to make the sequel.

In the third movie, there were complications, although not related to Maguire’s health, but monetary issues. In that opportunity, the actor requested a higher amount than the 15 million dollars that Sony would pay him. He was almost left out, and the media rumored that Tom Holland would replace him. However, Maguire and Sony agreed that he would have an additional 7.5% of the film’s gross.

Raimi started writing the fourth part; however, it never took place. The Amazing Spider-Man was already in progress, and Sam Raimi did not want to make the fourth part without planning. Recently, people started asking for Raimi to make this version since opening the multiverse brought endless possibilities.

Beyond Spider-Man, Three Tobey Maguire Films 

Maguire is also famous for his roles in several successful films besides Spider-Man. Let’s look at three Tobey Maguire movies and their excellent reviews.


Seabiscuit was nominated for 7 Academy Awards; this was the film in which Maguire injured himself. It tells the story of a horse who, despite not possessing such pronounced physical qualities as its peers, is trained to surpass them. The actor in this opportunity acts as the horse’s jockey. In this film, we see all the situations he had to endure to become a legend in this sport.


In this opportunity, the actor played a soldier who comes from the Afghanistan war, going through multiple tortures as a war prisoner. When he arrives back in the United States, his brother and wife receive him and help him reintegrate. He has post-traumatic stress disorder and thinks everyone is conspiring against him, including his brother, who thinks he wants to win his wife.

Brothers received mixed reviews and was not nominated for awards. Still, critics applauded Maguire’s performance, as it realistically depicted the state of trauma that soldiers have after coming home from war.

Pawn Sacrifice

In Pawn Sacrifice, the actor depicts the famous chess player, Bobby Fisher. In this opportunity, Fisher must represent the United States against the champion of the Soviet Union during the cold war. Due to the stress of having the burden of his nation in this discipline, Fisher develops psychosis and other mental illnesses.

Maguire’s performance for many was stellar, but he could not pull the movie off despite that. Despite this, reviews on various websites and other film organizations suggest that the actor’s performance was masterful. 


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