Titans Season 3 Brings Gotham, Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, & Scarecrow
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Titans Season 3 Is Going To Gotham With Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, And Scarecrow

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BY April 14, 2022

With the uncertain future of DC Universe in light of AT&T consolidating WarnerMedia’s assets, we can forget that they are still making shows. The flagship series, Titans, is set to shoot season 3 in Gotham City, featuring Barbara Gordon, Red Hood, and the Scarecrow. These revelations came during the panel for Titans at DC FanDome. The cast assembled, virtually, along with Damaris Lewis who will Blackfire to Anna Diop’s Starfire. While the showdown between two royal, superpowered sisters from space might seem like the biggest deal, it’s not. Executive Producer Greg Walker revealed that the beaten-down Teen Titans are heading to Gotham city for their third season.

The series will continue to take the approach of looking at these young, new heroes in comparison to the heroes of old. In fact, one classic Batman character will be noticeably absent. We don’t know where Police Commissioner James Gordon is, but he’s not in the job any longer. Filling the role will be his daughter, Barbara Gordon. It’s unclear if she was Batgirl or Oracle in this part of the DC Multiverse. It’s also unclear if she will be in a wheelchair, where she spent most of the late 1980s into the late 2010s. What we do know is that there is a relationship between her and Brendon Thwaite’s Dick Grayson.

Titans season 2 finale Jason Todd off to be the red hood maybe Image via Warner Bros. Television

As Walker said during the panel:

“We’ve got two of the second-gen coming up. There was originally Batman and Jim Gordon. And now we have Nightwing and Barbara Gordon trying to deal with the mistakes of their parents, and it’s turns out…to be a lot more difficult than anybody else thought.”

It appears they will have to team-up to face down Dr. Jonathan Crane, who seems not to have been cast yet.

Also, Curran Walters’ Jason Todd ended up very disillusioned at the end of Titans season 2. So, it seems he will abandon the Robin identity (without being killed by the Joker first) and become the vengeful, murderous Red Hood.

Titans is not yet in production, and will likely be airing on HBO Max when it’s finished, according to Jim Lee.

You can watch the panel yourself, though this video is not official and may be pulled down.

What do you think about Titans season 3 heading to Gotham city, and the addition of Barbara Gordon, Scarecrow, and the Red Hood?

Featured image via Warner Bros. Television

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