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Producer On Upcoming Adaptation Of The Three Body Problem Dies After Being Poisoned By Colleague

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BY December 28, 2020

Well here is a story that sounds like a plot twist in a book. Lin Qi – an executive producer on the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the sci-fi series The Three-Body Problem – has died under mysterious circumstances. Qi reportedly checked into a Shanghai hospital in mid-December. His symptoms led doctors to suspect poison. One of Qi’s colleagues – Xu Yao – is the primary suspect for the poisoning, although his alleged motives are unclear. Now Lin Qi has died at age 39, and the mystery only grows deeper.

Yoozoo Executive Lin Qi Dies From Poison

Three-Body Problem Lin Qi Poisoned Lin Qi | Image via Yoozoo Group

Lin Qi was an executive producer on the upcoming Three-Body Problem adaptation for Netflix. A rare millennial billionaire, Qi was the chairman of the Chinese game company Yoozoo, which he began in 2009. Qi was working with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weis to bring the popular sci-fi books to life. Yoozoo picked up the rights to the Three-Body Problem back in 2014, but production was continually delayed. Unfortunately Qi did not live to see the adaptation come to the screen.

Was Qi’s murder related to the adaptation of the popular sci-fi series somehow? The suspect in custody is a colleague who also works for Yoozoo. Xu Yao was allegedly in charge of the ‘Three-Body Universe’ section of Yoozoo. He was responsible for projects related to the intellectual property of the adaptation. Reports indicate that a prior dispute within the company’s ‘executive ranks’ may have been part of Yao’s motivation to allegedly poison his colleague. Of course we have no idea what the dispute entails. Was it a personal vendetta? A professional score to settle?

An Ominous Beginning For An Adaptation Already Rife With Controversy

The Three-Body Problem Image via Tor Books

We may never know the full story of what allegedly happened between Lin Qi and Xu Yao. But this does feel a bit ominous at the start of production on such a highly anticipated series. Of course The Three-Body Problem already has its share of controversy surrounding it. The author of the books – Liu Cixin – has been criticized for statements seemingly supportive of the genocide of the Uighur Muslim people in China.

There is also some controversy about the GOT showrunners being involved with the adaptation of The Three-Body Problem. Many people view Weis and Benioff’s involvement with skepticism after the way they handled the end of Game of Thrones. This coupled with their failed pitch for a show about the Confederacy, and them backing out of a Star Wars contract has led many to distrust the pair’s abilities.

The Three-Body Problem is a sci-fi series about alien invasion set against the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. There are also rumblings that the Chinese government is not happy about an American company such as Netflix adapting the story. Whether or not any of this played into the poisoning of Lin Qi is pure speculation that is better suited to book and television drama. However the mystery will certainly haunt the production of The Three-Body Problem as it gets ready to begin filming. We will have to wait until the series hits Netflix in the future to see the adaptation that Lin Qi will never get to see himself.

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Featured image via Tor Books.

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