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There’s A Halo Spin-Off Game In The Works

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BY April 12, 2021

Halo fans are waiting patiently for the next game. Actually, let’s put it this way. We have no choice but to wait for the game, patiently or otherwise. After a soft reset following the release of gameplay last summer, 343 Industries delayed Halo Infinite. If you remember the presentation at all, then you’ll recall things looked a little disappointing. Overall, we’re still excited for the game, it’s just hopefully getting a bit of a plus-up ahead of a Fall 2021 release. It’s a surprise to many of us that a new Halo spin-off game is also in the works at the studio. What could the game possibly be? Here’s what we know and what we’re hoping for with this new project.

Is 343 Industries Making a Halo Spin-Off Game?

halo spin-off game Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios/343 Industries

According to a new job listing, 343 studios is hiring for a Halo spin-off game. The listing is a formal search for “a Producer to help develop a new project in the Halo universe.” The call seems to imply that the project is at the very earliest of development stages. Conception and direction are likely the only things discussed at this stage of the game. Still, how exciting is it to get another Halo-verse game. We don’t know the genre or style of gameplay planned for the project.

The rest of the job listing is fairly standard. Team player with experience sought for a “fun” game project. Some of these gaming job listings make me laugh a little. For example, one responsibility for the job is being able to “identify potential areas of risk, create/execute mitigation plans before issues happen.” That’s everyone’s responsibility on a development team, and then we still get things like Cyberpunk 2077 refunds and that whole catastrophe.

Speculation Time!

halo spin-off game Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios/343 Industries

Okay, let’s make some bold predictions for what this game might be. I don’t think we’ll see another Halo Wars, so let’s rule out RTS games. Firstly, the safe route is to guess that another shooter is going to come out of this. Much like Halo: ODST, the game could simply offer a tweaked Halo experience in the first-person shooter genre. At the time of release, ODST didn’t get a lot of love. I’m glad people came around to it a bit. That’s a safe guess, but what’s something that would make sense for the direction in which Halo is heading?

With a TV show in the works, I think Microsoft is comfortable pushing the envelope with Halo. After all, the last “good” Halo game in the eyes of many was on the Xbox 360. If I had to make a really ambitious prediction for this project, then I’d say it’s going to be a third-person action shooter. Something akin to the combat we get in Mass Effect 2, in particular. We could have a space to explore the world of Halo from a new perspective. The game could even avoid any storyline with Master Chief at all if it wanted to. It just feels like the next place to go with this series.

If you have a prediction about the new Halo spin-off game, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios/343 Industries

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