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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sequel Shut Down, Restarted

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BY August 25, 2020

The latest update to Tobe Hooper’s horror classic has already reached a snag. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre sequel shut down only a week into production. But don’t worry, they’re rebooting it.

Yes, I Said, “Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sequel.”

saw massacre sequel shut No, not this one. (image via The Cannon Group)

In case you missed it, sources told Variety back in February that Legendary Films was preparing to make a Texas Chain Saw Massacre something. At that time, they were calling it a reboot. They hired Irish brother directors Andy and Ryan Tohill, best known for the film The Dig, to helm it. In addition, newcomer screenwriter Chris Thomas Devlin was writing the script. Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, known for films like Don’t Breathe and the 2016 Evil Dead reboot, are producing.

At the time, Alvarez said in a statement, “The Tohills’ vision is exactly what the fans want. It’s violent, exciting and so depraved that it will stay with you forever.” Maybe that was the problem?

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sequel Shut Down This Week

Production on the film, stylized as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, began this week in Bulgaria. And then it didn’t. Legendary Films pressed pause only days into filming. Sources told Deadline that the decision was made over this last weekend. Apparently, according to those sources, Legendary saw enough to know that they didn’t like what they saw.

So in shades of the Solo turmoil, Legendary let the director duo go and scrapped everything they had. However, unlike with Solo, they didn’t bring on a replacement director with an already long career. They do well, but they still don’t have Disney money. Anyway, they’ve hired actually Texas-based director David Blue Garcia, who made his directorial debut with Tejano. The 2018 thriller follows a farmhand, desperate for money for his ailing grandfather, who agrees to let a cartel break his arm so he can smuggle a cocaine cast across the border.

What to Expect from the New Massacre

As for this movie’s plot, nothing is known at this time. But I’m going to guess some sassy Gen-Z kids make a wrong turn or do a TikTok challenge and dot dot dot Leatherface. (Legendary, I’m available to write my take on one of these, by the way.)

saw massacre sequel shut Elsie Fisher on Castle Rock, image via Hulu

We do know, though, that the film stars Elsie Fisher, who recently dipped her toe into horror by way of Castle Rock. It also stars Jacob Latimore (The Chi), Sarah Yarkin (Motherland: Fort Salem), and Moe Dunford (Dublin Murders). If Fisher is playing a member of the Sawyer family (the Leatherfaces, if you will), then that would actually be amazing. But I’ll guess we’ll see. When Garcia makes it to set, which presumably will be soon, he’ll be starting from the beginning. Will you be watching?

Are you ready to see another twist in the Texas Chainsaw story? Tell us what you think about it on social media or here in our comments.

featured image via Vortex and Bryanston Distributing Company

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