Taika Waititi Will Return for Thor 4 In New Marvel Deal: Report
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Taika Waititi Will Return for Thor 4 In New Marvel Deal: Report

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BY September 3, 2019

In advance of the long-awaited Marvel panel Comic-Com, fans are delighted to learn that Taika Waititi will return for Thor 4. While Chris Hemsworth’s Thunder God is a beloved figure in the Marvel pantheon, the track record for the character’s solo films is murky at best. However, the first Thor film written and directed by Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok, served as something of a franchise reboot. Rather than the dark, Shakespearean tone of the first two Thor films, the third installment was a brightly colored, far-out comedy. Rife with Waititi’s signature brand of deadpan humor, everyone from Karl Urban’s Skurge to the rock-creature Korg, portrayed by Waititi himself, earned solid laughs.

Yet, the film wasn’t an entire farce. It featured the death of Anthony Hopkins’s Odin and saw Cate Blanchette’s Hela kill hundreds of Asgardians. The film’s climax also featured the destruction of Thor’s homeworld. Waititi struck a tricky balance between humor and emotional weight, which is exactly the sort of thing a new Thor story needs. Avengers: Endgame saw an overweight, depressed Thor leave New Asgard in the hands of Valkyrie and jaunt off in space to find himself again. The next chapter for the Thunder God seems like one that could only be handled by an artist like Waititi.

Taika Watiti Will Return for Thor 4 Because Akira Stalled Again

Likely meant to break during the Marvel panel at SDCC 2019, news of this development comes from an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter. The trade newspaper says that the reason Taika Waititi will return for Thor 4 is because his current Warner Bros. project hit delays. An adaptation of the classic anime series in the works at WB for nearly a decade seemed destined to happen when Waititi signed on and started testing actors. Yet, due to problems in script development the project is now on hold “indefinitely,” according to a report from Variety.

They speculate that the problems chalked up to “creative differences,” a catch-all term for any disagreement in a film’s production. Also, Akira’s release date fell in late spring 2021, which put it squarely up an as-yet-unannounced Marvel movie, believed to be either Shang-Chi or the sequel to 2018’s Black Panther. Still, the sources who spoke to both Variety and THR seem to think Warner Bros. will save the Akira project for Waititi to pick up after Thor 4. So, this is just the first in what will likely be a long list of new MCU projects on the way now that Phase 3 is officially wrapped up.

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