Studio Ghibli Theme Park Opening Is Happening This Fall
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Studio Ghibli Theme Park Opening Is Happening This Fall And I’m Already Thinking Of Booking My Ticket!

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BY April 9, 2022

I’m about to book a cat bus to Japan right now because the Studio Ghibli theme park opening was just announced! The theme park, which will feature characters and settings based on the work of acclaimed filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and the legendary Studio Ghibli he co-founded, was first announced in 2017 and was supposed to open a little over a year ago, but then this thing called the pandemic happened. While plans were put on hold, it appears that the theme park is all set to welcome visitors later this year.

What Is The Studio Ghibli Theme Park And What Can We Expect?

ghibli park Image from Howl’s Moving Castle from Studio Ghibli

The new attraction will be called Ghibli Park and will have five different sections inspired by some of the studio’s most popular films, including one inspired by My Neighbor Totoro complete with a life-size model of the house where the main characters of the 1988 classic lived. Three of the sections will be open to the public this year and the other two, inspired by the films Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle, will open in 2023. That’s all great, but when is the Studio Ghibli theme park opening?! According to the official Studio Ghibli Twitter account, the opening date is…*drum roll* NOVEMBER 1! Check out their adorable tweet below:

The theme park will be located on the site of the 2005 World’s Fair in the city of Nagakute, about 150 miles west of Tokyo, and costed a total of 34 billion yen (about $300 million). There’s no information or links on how to buy tickets and if there will be a limit as to how many can be bought per person. If it’s anything like the Ghibli Museum near Tokyo though, tickets could sell out very fast (the Ghibli Museum tickets go on sale at 10 AM Japan time on the 10th of each month for the following month and often sell out).

The Twitter account has been sharing images of what the park is going to include, such as antique shops modeled after those in Whisper of the Heart, as well as a warehouse with exhibition areas and a theater. While there are no details, I can only hope there will be delicious restaurants with some of the dishes from the films. Studio Ghibli fans everywhere want to get their hands on that ramen in Ponyo or literally everything in Spirited Away.

Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki are both beloved in Japan and abroad. Miyazaki was the focus of a documentary about his career and life, aptly titled Neverending Man: Hayao Miyazaki, and he’s “retired” several times, always coming back to create one more film. His most recent “retirement” was in 2013, but last year he announced that he was coming back to Studio Ghibli to make one more movie “because I wanted to.” He’s going to work on a feature-length animated film, telling the New York Times that it’ll be based on Genzaburo Yoshino’s 1937 book, How Do You Live?, which Miyazaki reportedly has a soft spot for. The story is set in 1930s Tokyo and follows a teenage boy and his mother who move in with an uncle after his father dies.

Check out the promotional video for Ghibli Park from the tourism board of Japan’s Aichi:

Ghibli Park will open November 1, 2022. 

Are you as psyched as I am about the Studio Ghibli theme park opening? Have you bought your tickets to Japan yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via Studio Ghibli

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