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Stars Show Love For Late Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols

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BY August 2, 2022

On social media, stars and close friends tributed Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, who passed away on Saturday at 89. Nichols portrayed Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, who was part of the ship’s crew that saved many planets. Now, one of the crew members departed from the Enterprise and this world.

Co-stars from Star Trek, close friends, and other actresses have since paid tribute to her. Twitter has gone viral with Nichols’ messages wishing her peace and talking about her impact on their lives. Through photos and videos, fans and friends showed how much they would miss her.

Star Trek Stars Honor Nichelle Nichols

Celebrities wrote various tributes to the actress, all full of love and affection and remembering moments together. They took a moment to remember the actress, in and out of character. Among the artists who paid tribute to Nichols were George Takei, Willian Shatner, and JJ Abrams stand out.

They also expressed how they felt after the news of Nichols’ passing. It has been a challenging time for each of them, stating how much they will miss their friend. Their posts also include love and condolences to the actress’s family at this difficult time.

Takei posted on his social media, “I shall have more to say about the trailblazing, incomparable Nichelle Nichols, who shared the bridge with us as Lt. Uhura of the USS Enterprise, and who passed today at age 89. For today, my heart is heavy, my eyes shining like the stars you now rest among, my dearest friend.”

JJ Abrams, the director of 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek, posted, “A remarkable woman in a remarkable role. Nichelle, you will be deeply missed. Sending much love and respect.”

For his part, Willian Shatner posted on Twitter, “She was a beautiful woman & played an admirable character that did so much for redefining social issues both here in the US & throughout the world. I will certainly miss her.”

Actors of the various Star Trek series continue to honor Nichols’ memory with messages of love, encouragement to her family, and fond memories.

The World Lost a Great Star

Star Trek co-stars weren’t the only ones to comment on Nichols’ physical demise. Different artists, politicians, directors, police officers and others close to the actress have paid tribute to her. They honored who she was as a person, highlighting that she was a star in many ways.
Stacey Abrams, a Georgia politician and fan of the Star Trek series, posted a photo on her Twitter account with the following caption: “One of my most treasured photos – Godspeed to Nichelle Nichols, champion, warrior and tremendous actor. Her kindness and bravery lit the path for many. May she forever dwell among the stars.”

Actor Colman Domingo commented on his account, “Nichelle Nichols told us that we belonged in outer space. We are limitless. The heavens have gained an Uhura today.”

NASA also followed suit by posting on its official account, “We celebrate the life of Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek actor, trailblazer, and role model, who symbolized to so many what was possible. She partnered with us to recruit some of the first women and minority astronauts, and inspired generations to reach for the stars.”

One publication that stood out among all of these was Guardians of the Galaxy’s Zoe Saldana. She was the successor to Nichols’ role in Star Trek, and upon learning of her death, she shared a photo on her Instagram of the actress with the following caption “I’m saddened to learn of Nichelle Nichols’ passing. We have lost a true star- a unique artist who was ahead of her time always.” Saldana continued, “She’s an icon, an activist and most importantly an amazing woman- who blazed a trail that has shown so many how to see women of color in a different light. Her strive for equality was unwavering.”

Live long and prosper, Uhura!

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