Star Trek: Picard Release Date and New Trailer from NYCC
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Star Trek: Picard Release Date and New Trailer Drops at New York Comic-Con

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BY May 11, 2020

With New York Comic-Con in full-swing, studios and comics publishers are previewing some of their new content for the fall and into 2020. Along with new comics-based stories like the Harley Quinn Animated Series from DC Universe, other hotly-anticipated projects offered teases for what’s to come. CBS All Access just announced the Star Trek: Picard release date for 2020. The NYCC trailer for Star Trek: Picard reveals more than the release date, though. We also get our first glimpse at some old Star Trek: The Next Generation favorites. Let’s break down all we know about this stunning new series captained by literary giant Michael Chabon.

The Star Trek: Picard NYCC Trailer and Release Date

In the trailer, we open on a haunting dream sequence, showing Brent Spiner’s Data painting a very creepy picture. He asks Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard to “finish” the painting, but he doesn’t know how. He then wakes up, greeted by a very good boy (or girl), the dog from the first teaser image. The dog’s name is Number One, which couldn’t be more perfect. We then see Jean-Luc’s desire to help a young woman, the crew he assembles, and what appears to be a fraught relationship with Starfleet. The coolest reveal, however, is that Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis show up as Will Ryker and Deanna Troi. They are living in a rural paradise with at least one child. The old Number One is well-and-truly retired, but he says he “knows better” than to try to stop his old captain from doing something he wants. Frakes will also direct the entire “second block” of Picard episodes.

What all that is, we still don’t know. All we know is that Allison Pill shows up, there’s a Vulcan ninja, and a ship captain who appears to be more Han Solo than Picard or Kirk. There are also a lot of space battles. The mystery will begin to unravel when the show premieres on CBS All Access on January 23, 2020. There were surely be more promotional material coming soon. Everything from TV spots to a promotion in games like Star Trek Online

The NYCC Panel Revealed More Than The Release Date

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Perhaps the most startling revelation about Star Trek: Picard was that Stewart almost didn’t do the series at all. Originally pitched as a single installment of the Short Treks series, Stewart felt the character came to a natural stopping point. Still, they persisted and Stewart then asked to see something in writing about what the show would be about. That’s when Chabon sent him a more than 30-page treatment for the series. This is something he cares about quite a bit.

As Michael Chabon said:

“‘Star Trek’ has been an important part of my way of thinking about the world, the future, human nature, storytelling and myself since I was ten years old. I come to work every day in a state of joy and awe at having been entrusted with the character and the world of Jean-Luc Picard, with this vibrant strand of the rich, intricate and complex tapestry that is ‘Trek.’”

Wrapping up the panel, the producers said they were delighted that the show features so many familiar faces from Star Trek’s past. Along with TNG castmates, Jeri Ryan’s Star Trek: Voyager character Seven-of-Nine shows up. Though, if a character turns up in the show, they said, it’s because they are important to the story. It’s been 20 years since the last film featuring these characters took place, and the destruction of the planet Romulus that happened in the 2009 reboot films will be canonized. Interestingly, the recent merger between Viacom and CBS means that CBS All Access might get access to the movie characters. Either they can kickstart the film universe again or reboot once more for CBS All Access exclusives.

Star Trek: Picard will debut on CBS All Access on January 23, 2020.

So, are you excited about Star Trek: Picard telling us the release date and revealing a new trailer? What do you hope to see in the show? Tell us in the comments below or shout us out on social media.

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