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Star Trek Day Reminds Us All Why We’re Trekkies at Heart

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BY September 8, 2020
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Happy Star Trek Day! September 8th celebrates the exciting event, which is a day to honor the long-lasting franchise that has created various films, television shows, and community events. Since the Star Trek fandom is one of the oldest around, we’re sure that there are plenty of you enjoying the day! Let’s take a quick peek at the history of the  Star Trek event and see how people are celebrating this year.

Star Trek Day Celebrates 54 Years of Entertainment

Star Trek: The Original Series initially premiered on September 8th, 1966, leading to today being our day to remember it. The ambitious space-exploration series launched a franchise worth billions of dollars. Not only did it inspire spin-offs, cons, and other events, and fast-selling merchandise around the world, but it also created a whole new type of fan. Fandoms have been around for more than a century, but the Trekkies took over and changed the way that we look at media-inspired subcultures forever.

As a way to celebrate the origins of Star Trek, fans decided to honor the date of its original premiere. And thus, Star Trek Day was born! Fans have been acknowledging the day for decades. Full in-person events have taken place in the past. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced 2020’s day to the virtual world. While it may sound like a bummer, it just makes it easier to celebrate!

star trek: discovery transgender character Image via CBS All Access.

Celebrations Taking Place For This Year’s Event

CBS is holding over three hours worth of content in honor of the important day. It will play on the Star Trek website here. There will be appearances by the actors behind iconic characters, including Sir Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes. The celebration will also include various global panels to chat about everything from the original series to the latest news for the franchise.

Do you plan on checking out the CBS event? Let us know how you’re celebrating at home!

Live long and prosper, and happy Star Trek Day from everybody at Comic Years!

Featured image: Star Trek: First Contact, Paramount Pictures


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