The Snake Eyes Story Trailer Puts The Origin In Origin Story
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The Snake Eyes Story Trailer Is An Origin Story, Where The Origin Is The Story

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BY June 22, 2021

The more I see of the new Snake Eyes movie, the more excited I get. While that might be a mistake, in the long run, I’m more than willing to live in oblivious excitement until the movie’s release. The new Snake Eyes story trailer very much continues that excitement with a better look this time around. The surprising aspect of the trailer is how it builds a story around the actual origin of the character. And while you might be thinking that—yes, that’s exactly what an origin story should be— it’s not always the case. Read on as I explain more in my Snake Eyes story trailer breakdown.

Snake Eyes Is A G.I. Joe Origin Movie

Snake Eyes story trailer Golding. Image via Paramount Pictures.

I mentioned in my Snakes Eyes teaser breakdown, how my concern was that the movie’s subtitle is that it’s a ‘G.I. Joe Origins’ story. That branding leaves me worried, because attempting to shoehorn in a second chance at a franchise by connecting it to the first failed attempt, never works. Snake Eyes might be better off as its own individual thing without any connective tissue with the former live-action G.I. Joe franchise. But, here we are. 

The Snake Eyes story trailer gives us exactly what we want, and maybe a lot more. Henry Golding is the titular character, and the movie seemingly tracks his journey from a lowly fishmonger to one of the deadliest assassins in fictional history. Or, toy franchise history? Whichever. The point is that the Snake Eyes story trailer is exactly as badass and full of action as we would want this movie to be. But will there be substance at its core, or will this movie be all flash and spectacle? 

The Snake Eyes Story Trailer Puts The Origin in ‘Origin Story’

Snake Eyes story trailer Weaving. Image via Paramount Pictures.

Most origin stories showcase the popular character whose beginnings we’re supposed to see, totally removed from the thing that they’re popular for. Pre-mutant power kicking in and gross deformities, Deadpool was nowhere near any mutants or the X-Men. Solo showcased a hero who was idealistic and optimistic before he became an intergalactic rogue. More recently, Cruella harbored no desire for murderous puppy coats. The story usually also follows an unrelated journey of the main character who then becomes the character we know by the end. Potentially embarking on a new journey that leads them to where they ended up when audiences first fell in love with them. Or fell in hate. For example, working with the X-Men, joining the resistance, or trying to acquire puppy fur for fashion. Regardless of the specifics, it’s always ends in a tease. 

The Snake Eyes story trailer on the other hand seems to be exactly about how Snake Eyes becomes Snake Eyes. And I don’t mean through an experience or journey; like, he literally seems to go on an adventure, the purpose of which is to have him become a highly trained assassin. I mean, sure, G.I. Joe’s arch-nemesis Cobra shows up in the trailer too, but that felt like an afterthought, really. The trailers shows how Golding’s Snake Eyes has to go through trials in order be accepted among an dangerous organization of, Ninjas? It feels like the usual superhero training sequence, but also coupled with Tomb Raider? 

Awesome Asian Action-Packed Ninja Goodness, But Without A White Lead

Snake Eyes story trailer mask. Image via Paramount Pictures.

The most jarring aspect of the Snake Eyes story trailer has to be its leading man. It looks like a story about a secret society of Ninjas, taking in an outsider stray, who has to train in their ways to unlock all their knowledge. And surprisingly, this stray is also of Asian descent, instead of being a foreign caucasian lead who becomes an honorary member of the culture, by earning it. Or some other half-hearted justification. And don’t get me wrong, I loved Tom Cruise’s The Last Samurai, which totally earns its foreign lead. But all too often Hollywood also has movies like The Great Wall, which sees a pony-tail clad Matt Damon flinging arrows in a period movie set in ancient China. 

It’s a step in the right direction for Hollywood when a movie that is seemingly totally set in a world of ancient culture and martial arts, to have a hero be of similar background. Just like Marvel is doing with Shang-Chi too. And it still allows them to totally do the outsider plot point too. And speaking of the lead, Henry Golding made a mark mostly in rom-coms like Crazy Rich Asians before this. So to see him go full-blown action hero mode is refreshing and a testament to his, thus far, never-before-seen range. 

Snake Eyes Trailer Goes Behind The Mask

It’s all these factors that make Snake Eyes a movie to really get excited about. But similar to the teaser, the Cobra showing up stuff feels like an attempt to force an interconnected G.I. Joe universe. Which worries me. And I also would have preferred if the final shot didn’t spoil the classic Snake Eyes suit. But that’s just me. 

Snakes Eyes releases in theatres on July 23. 

Did you like the new Snake Eyes story trailer? Or would you have preferred the suit to be saved for the movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Paramount Pictures. 

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