San Diego Comic-Con At Home Announced As A Virtual Comic-Con
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SDCC Announces At Home Event: Comic-Con To Be A Streaming Event This Year

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BY May 11, 2020

San Diego Comic-Con At Home is an event announced by the wold’s biggest comic-con organizer earlier this week. SDCC was recently canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With festivals and comic-cons canceled, SDCC following suit was not surprising. Many of those events have found alternatives in streaming events, such as the upcoming We Are One virtual film festival or the FunimationCon 2020 for anime. Similarly, it seems that San Diego Comic-Con’s At Home event will be streaming this year as well. 

SDCC Is The World Biggest Comic-Con Event

The San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest events of the year for film, television, comic books, and basically geek culture. The event began as one for comic books only, but has evolved into the biggest event for the entertainment industry. Major news, reveals and announcements are all featured at Comic-Con now. The year’s most anticipated movies and televisions shows prominently debut trailers there, not to mention panels featuring their casts. The cancellation of Comic-Con is a major blow to fans, and the industry given the loss of a major resource for marketing their content. But now, with the San Diego Comic-Con At Home event, fans seem to have an alternative this year. 

San Diego Comic-Con At Home Has Some Unusual Benefits

The San Diego Comic-Con At Home event announcement came via the organizer’s official Twitter account. Which also saw the release of a teaser video, making the announcement itself. The short clip is very self-deprecating for SDCC. It points out the many challenges of attending the event-live, something that die-hard fans still suffer through. 

The video touts “free parking, comfy chairs, no lines,” and more, as it builds to the reveal of its @Home initiative. It’s a great way to respect the many attendees that flock from all over the world for the yearly Comic-Con, while also providing access to those to can’t. There are very little details about what to expect from this @Home event, or how the Con will work via streaming. There is no exact date for the virtual event either. SDCC usually occurs around the end of July, so presumably @Home will premiere around that time. The San Diego Comic-Con At Home, however, will only be a one-time event as SDCC has already promised a 2021 return. 

Are you excited for the SDCC @Home event this year? Let us know through our social media handles. 

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