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Robert Pattinson Gets COVID-19 and Production on the Batman Is Paused (Again)

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BY September 17, 2020

Many eager fans were thrilled by the recent news that The Batman has resumed production. Last month I wrote about the film’s return to filming, with an article called The Batman Will Resume Filming, but Can It be Done Safely? Well, now we know the answer. After only days since The Batman started filming after a months-long delay, Robert Pattinson has apparently tested positive for COVID-19, forcing another break.

Robert Pattinson Has COVID-19, Which Means A Delay For The Batman Production

Warner Bros. released a statement stating that a production member had tested positive for the coronavirus. They added that the person has entered isolation, as per protocol. While they did not say Pattinson’s name, a Vanity Fair source confirmed that it was the star. The film cannot move forward without its lead, but they must also ensure that safety procedures are followed. Any cast and crew who has come into contact with Pattinson will likely undergo testing. So, production may be shut down for at least a few weeks.

The news comes months after the film’s production had another COVID-19 infection. Andrew Jack, a dialect coach working on the film, passed away from the virus in late March at the age of 76. Jack was diagnosed two days before his death, and a little more than two weeks after production on The Batmaninitially shut down.

Matt Reeves' The Batman DC FanDome Trailer Still Robert Pattinson Actually Owning Up to the Eye Paint Image via Warner Bros.

Do We Need Better Safety Policies? Probably.

Safety procedures in place to protect film cast and crew members during the global pandemic have been a hot topic of conversation. Some films, like Jurassic Worldhave multi-million dollar safety plans in place. Others seem to be doing little more than going through a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arriving at their filming destinations.

Robert Pattinson catching COVID-19 while filming is an important reminder that safety needs to be our priority. And yes, it’s far more critical than getting films out on time. We can wait a few more months for a movie, but we can’t risk losing people in the process. Hopefully, Warner Bros. announces new and improved safety measures before filming resumes yet again. In the meantime, we’re sending Robert Pattinson our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

What are your thoughts on film production crews operating during a global pandemic? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

EDIT: As of September 17th, production has once again resumed on the set of The Batman. Robert Pattinson has been given the green light to go back to work, and we can resume our hype for the film. We’re happy to hear that Pattinson has recovered quickly.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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