Review: Slewfoot Hits Shelves Just in Time for Spooky Season
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Review: Slewfoot Hits Shelves Just in Time for Spooky Reading Season

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BY April 20, 2022

This time of year practically begs you to find a good horror read. When September trickles on closer to October, we usually see an increase in horror releases. One novel that fits the season’s mood perfectly releases today and is worth a look: Slewfoot by Gerald Brom, He’s better known professionally only by his last name. The author’s craft stretches across fandoms like Magic: The Gathering artwork. He’s also written over half a dozen novels and short story colelctions. Fans of early American witchcraft lore will find a lot of joy in this hellish story. Characters play their roles perfectly and unique enough that the story is familiar in tone but original in its impact. Let’s talk a little more about Slewfoot in this review, and no worries, we’ll be going completely spoiler-free!

Slewfoot is a Satanic Tale that Explores Good and Evil Expertly – Our Review

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Any good witchcraft tale includes familiar beats. The introduction of witchcraft as an answer to the evils of humanity are my favorite. Slewfoot offers this in a wonderful way as we explore the life of Abitha. Our main character is a recently widowed outcast, alone and vulnerable in her pious village. Even when her husband was around, she rejected the weird rituals of the Puritans but played along to the best of her abilities. Alone, however, Abitha turns to Slewfoot, an ancient spirit that the Wood Creatures call Father. The eternal creatures know him for destruction, but Abitha sees him as a solution to her woes.

What plays out is a great tale of good and evil. Rather than play with familiar themes of morality, Brom finds ways to paint every side as something different from moment to moment. Rather than find a side to root for, we even have moments where our main character feels like she’s drifting into darkness we don’t wish on her. Luckily, the story’s tempo picks up towards the end in a way that helps make some middle areas of the book a little more exciting than first expected.

Home Before Dark was my favorite horror book heading into this time last year. Slewfoot, while not a ghost story, achieves similar elements of new, exciting reaches of familiar genres. I think for anyone who enjoys witchcraft tales, this is a great addition to your library. The main characters, both the Satanic figure and Abitha, offer great moments of introspection that let the reader intimately explore their inner thoughts. What plays out is a great space in which readers can explore their own demons and how they approach handling them.

Slewfoot by Gerald Brom is Available via Tor Nightfire or Your Preferred Bookseller!

If you enjoyed this Slewfoot review, then check it out on Tor Nightfire now. The book released today physically and digitally. Let us know in the comments what your favorite horror book is to revisit this time of year. No spoilers in the comments!

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