Ray Fisher Responds To WB Allegations In Instagram Live Video
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Warner Bros. Accuses Ray Fisher Of Not Cooperating With Justice League Investigation; Fisher Fires Back

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BY September 8, 2020

Ray Fisher’s experiences on the set of Justice League is fast becoming an embittered back and forth. The actor called out the behavior of the movie’s director Joss Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg in a social media post. Since then, he has provided some details, promising more action to come. It seems like he had won, with news that WarnerMedia launched an investigation. Now it seems that the process will not be as smooth as expected and that Fisher’s victory was too good to be true. Warner Bros recently made their own allegations against Fisher. And in an Instagram Live, Ray Fisher responds to WB allegations.

Misconduct On The Set Of Justice League

In the last few weeks, Fisher accused Whedon of “gross” and “unprofessional” behavior during the production of Justice League. He also claims that Johns and Berg enabled the behavior. Days later, he specified how Johns threatened his career, once he attempted to follow due process to make his complaints heard during the production. Fisher also promised that he spoke with many others to corroborate his claims, as well as to provide their own stories. He explained he was going through the due process to take legal action against those involved. And it seemed like it worked.

WB Claims Fisher Not Cooperating With Internal Investigation

Still not satisfied, Mr. Fisher insisted that WarnerMedia hire an independent third party investigator. This investigator has attempted multiple times to meet with Mr. Fisher to discuss his concerns but, to date, Mr. Fisher has declined to speak to the investigator.

Most recently, however, Fisher outlined a conversation he had with current DC Films President, Walter Hamada. Fisher claims that Hamada attempted to lay blame on Whedon and Berg so that Fisher backs off of Johns. The powers that be have looked at Johns as the best person to guide DC’s comic book franchises, seeing that his roots began as a prolific comic book writer. Fisher denied to the compromise and made his conversation with Hamada public. Following that was the first-ever official statement from Warner Bros. regarding all of Fisher’s allegations. However, the statement limited itself to the interaction with Hamada, and not the Justice League misconduct Fisher’s been crusading. The full statement is at Variety.

To provide a short summary of the statement, it mainly focuses on defending Hamada in this situation. The statement also seemingly undermines Fisher’s claims by describing them as ‘disagreements’ and ‘creative differences’. It portrays WarnerMedia in a very positive light and mentions how they launched the investigation despite no allegations of ‘actionable misconduct’ made by Fisher. Mostly, the statement accuses Fisher of not cooperating with the investigation. This doesn’t make sense, given the investigation wouldn’t have happened at all, if not for Fisher speaking out in the first place.

Ray Fisher Responds To WB Allegations

After the WB statement, Fisher tweeted a screenshot of an email he sent to his team and SAG-AFTRA. In the screenshot, Fisher explains his, seemingly not cooperating with the investigation. The original report by Variety claims that the investigation was by WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros. who produced Justice League, and who Johns, Berg, and Whedon worked for at the time. Fisher’s email states that he discovered the investigator works for Warner Bros, automatically implying that it’s not a third-party investigation, but an internal one. Not wanting biased or prejudiced results, Fisher ended the conversation until he had a chance to coordinate with his team. Which is totally understandable. He then took to Instagram Live for a more detailed response.

On his live, Fisher explained how his allegations affect many others who are not as famous or enjoy as big a social media following as him. These accusations could affect their jobs and livelihoods, if they come out with their stories against more powerful people. So he needs to make sure the investigation is happening accordingly, before naming names and going into details. And given that the investigator was from Warner Bros., he didn’t feel comfortable in doing so. Which makes total sense, given the sensitivity and impact of his allegations. So Ray Fisher responding to WB allegations definitely makes things clearer and seemingly puts the onus back on WarnerMedia.

My Own Thoughts On Ray Fisher Responding To WB Allegations

Another revealing aspect of Fisher’s live video is just how charming, well-spoken, and meticulous he is about this matter. He reveals that he experienced a similar situation, attempting to unionize workers in a job prior to becoming an actor. He claims in the video that they (WB) want him to react with emotion, but instead he will use common sense and facts to combat them. It’s surprising to see an actor so young and inexperienced in the industry, navigate the nuances of the Hollywood bureaucracy so adeptly.

It’s an interesting situation that’s unfolding. Fisher claims he’s got ‘receipts’ of his interactions and complaints, to counter any claims that WB makes regarding his actions or alleged inaction. At this point, the next move has to be WarnerMedia’s, given that Fisher just outed the objective third party investigation to being an internal one instead. Stay tuned to Comic Years for more on this situation as it develops.

What do you think about Ray Fisher’s response to WB allegations? Let us know in the comments below.

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