Rachel Zegler Invited To Oscars As A Presenter
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Rachel Zegler Invited To Oscars As A Presenter In 2022

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BY March 25, 2022

The star of the hit musical directed by Steven Spielberg West Side Story, Rachel Zegler, is invited to the 2022 Oscars. The invitation came after the intense controversy caused last week when Rachel reported that she was not invited to the award show. It seems that those in charge of organizing the event reconsidered and invited her as a presenter.

Rachel Zegler is the star of the production West Side Story, in which she plays the role of Maria. This film has 7 Oscar nominations. People assume that all cast members should be invited to the ceremony. However, this was not the case. Zegler lamented via her official Instagram account that she would have to enjoy the event from her couch at home.

The controversy also reached Disney, who did not invite the actress despite being part of another excellent production, Snow White. So far, neither Disney nor the Oscars’ Organizing Committee have issued an official statement. 

Rachel Zegler to Present the 2022 Oscars

Although we still don’t know which category she’ll be presenting, Rachel Zegler is invited to the Oscars as a presenter. The invitation has surprised many since the Organizing Committee was labeled as racist for not asking the actress to the gala, supposedly because she is Latina.

Rachel Zegler response on instagram Image via Instagram

The actress caused a stir on social networks, expressing that she would support the film from her couch at home since she was not invited to the popular event. She stated this on her official Instagram account, where fans commented on their desire to see her at the gala. She responded that she was not invited to the event, despite being very eager to attend.

After considering it, the committee invited her as a presenter, although there is still one hurdle left, Disney. Ziegler is currently participating in the production Snow White, which is now in production. The actress stated that she would ask for a two-day leave to attend the event.

The News of the Academy’s Initial Rejection of the West Side Story Star

As mentioned above, the Oscar Organizing Committee did not initially invite Zegler. However, the comment in her post caused great controversyThis response was enough for Hollywood personalities and fans to demand that Zegler attend the event on social media. Some comments labeled the committee racist, insinuating that she was not invited because she’s a Latina actress.

Actor Russ Tamblyn, part of the cast of West Side Story, stated, “@TheAcademy as a voting member and the original Riff, let me say: it’s your duty to find Rachel a seat at the Oscars. she STARS in #Westsidestory which is nominated across the board. When they say representation matters, this is what that means. Please do right by her.”

Gloria Calderon Kellet, the showrunner of One at the Time, stated, “How about the rare time that Latine people have a movie nominated for an OSCAR you invite the lead. Latine people are 18.5% of this country. ENOUGH!”

Rachel Zegler was invited to the Oscars, following a wave of criticism of the Oscar organizing committee. Many industry peers were outraged that it was an injustice and denoted a high degree of discrimination. It remains to be seen if Disney gives the actress permission to attend the event and knows which award she will be in charge of presenting.

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