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Play at Home 2021 Free Games for PlayStation Owners

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BY September 27, 2021

It’s a fun time to be a PlayStation fan. Think about it this way. How does the leading name in gaming follow up a massively successful console? In short, they release the best-selling console of all-time, throw free games and cool features your way, and continue finding new ways to bring people into the ecosystem. I’m all for the vibe both PlayStation and Xbox are going for at the moment. Microsoft’s focus on Game Pass and the power of the Xbox Series X is actually great for Sony. If anything, it’s pushing both companies to put out their best experience for the consumer. Case in point: the Play at Home 2021 event is bringing 10 free indie games to players as well as some added, limited-time surprises.

Play at Home 2021 Free Games and a Limited-Time Sony-Exclusive

Play at Home 2021 Free Games Image Credit: Sony

Starting March 25, 9 free games will be available for PlayStation players from some of the top indie developers in the industry. Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced the games that will be made free to download for players, including:

  • Abzu

  • Enter the Gungeon

  • Rez Infinite

  • Subnautica

  • The Witness

  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission

  • Moss

  • Thumper

  • Paper Beast

Additionally, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be free for a limited time starting April 19 until May 14. The highlight of this batch of games is twofold. Firstly, some of these games are truly remarkable. Enter the GungeonSubnauticaThe Witness, and Abzu are all incredible games I’d recommend you try immediately.

The other neat aspect of these games is some are VR-based or VR-capable. If you have PlayStation VR, then you have five games to try it out with. Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, and Paper Beast all require PlayStation VR. You can still download them however if you think you might get PlayStation VR down the road. Additionally, Rez Infinite and Thumper have VR capabilities.

On top of an already exciting future for the PlayStation 5, this is a great set of games to check out. If you have PS+, then there’s more good news. Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of the 2020 Game Awards winners, is about to join the PlayStation Plus games library. You can own it for free along with three other titles.

Let us know what you plan on playing first in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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