Fan Starts Petition Asking Funko Pop to Make GTA Collectible Figures
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Fan Starts Petition to Convince Funko Pop to Make GTA Collectible Figures

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BY March 19, 2020

In the old days, the bygone days before the internet connected everything, it could be hard to get things done. If you wanted to, say, encourage a company to do something, you had to write a letter or call the offices. Even if you did all that, you were just one person. Today, things are different. Thanks to the internet, one person can find hundreds or thousands of people who want the same thing. All of those voices together can accomplish a lot. This is why one fan of the Grand Theft Auto games started a petition for GTA collectible Funko Pop figures.

The History of the GTA Funk Pop Petition

GTA Funko Pop Petition Screenshot of Game Image via Rockstar Games

About three years ago, Mason Carr knew that he wasn’t the only person who wished that Rockstar Games and Funk Pop would make GTA collectibles. Unless you already have a big following, it can be tough to get traction for things on social media. So, he went to an unconventional place. is a site people go to start petitions, usually to address an injustice or foster social change. But really, all is a public relations site. It shows decision makers that a significant number of people agree with the petition creator’s call to action. So, Mason started a petition as a way to see how many people also wanted Funk Pop to make GTA collectibles.

He didn’t know how many signatures he’d get. Still, the petition never expires, and Mason rightly figured that anyone searching for GTA Funko Pop figures would find it. Two years later, the list of signatures surpassed 1,000 names. Today? That number is close to 2,2000 (at the time of this writing). And people can still sign it. If you collect Funko Pop figures or love GTA (and especially if its both) you can head over there and sign it at this link.

We spoke to Mason about why he started the petition:

“As a fan of both Funko Pop collectibles and the Grand Theft Auto series, the two seem like a natural pairing,” Mason Carr told Comic Years. “I started this petition because I know that other fans out there agree with me, and I am so heartened by the response we’ve gotten thus far. Hopefully, this petition shows the folks at Rockstar Games and Funko that there is a market out here eager to see iconic GTA characters immortalized in the unique Funko Pop style.”

Why Wouldn’t Rockstar Games and Funko Pop Team Up for GTA Figures?

GTA Funko Pop Petition Figures Image via Funko Pop!

Funko Pop, like any toy or collectibles company, has to pay to license the characters they use for their figurines. So, it’s possible that Funko Pop reached out Rockstar Games and the license fee was just too high. Or, it’s possible, that Rockstar Games is just not interested. There are not a lot of Grand Theft Auto collectibles on the market. There is a set of Kubrick figures and assorted odds and ends, mostly sold on Rockstar Games’ own website.

But that’s the beauty of the petition to encourage Funko Pop to seek a license for GTA collectibles. If it catches on in a week (because everyone is home and browsing the internet) or even a year from now, they can end up with tens of thousands of signatures. Once that happens, Rockstar Games and Funko Pop will see they are just turning down free money. It’s possible that they may never make these collectibles, true. But if they see that there is a market for them, they might just partner up and make thousands of fans a whole hell of a lot happier.

What about you? Would you buy GTA Funko Pop collectibles and are you thinking of signing the petition? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Featured image via Rockstar Games

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