Nope's New Teaser Starring NBA Star Stephen Curry 
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Nope’s New Teaser Starring NBA Star Stephen Curry 

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BY April 20, 2022

Nope, the new film from Get Out director Jordan Peele released its first promotional trailer back in February. Today (Saturday), Universal and Monkeypaw Productions released a new teaser for Nope, starring Stephen Curry.

The Jordan Peele film, starring Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun, and Keke Palmer, opens this summer. Like its predecessors, Get Out and Us, Nope keeps audiences in suspense as no one has yet revealed plot details. However, this teaser might hide some clues.

Stephen Curry Stars in Nope’s Latest Teaser 

Monkeypaw Productions and Universal have released a TV spot for Jordan Peele’s new thriller this Saturday, April 16. At the beginning of the video, NBA star and Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry walks past a horse, constantly looking up. 

We can then see the athlete entering a basketball court that looks inside a barn and pressing play on a turntable. Curry then starts his basketball practice, and when he takes a shot, the lights go out, and the atmosphere becomes somewhat ominous. Stephen then steps outside, watches as his basketball is beamed up, and exclaims, “Nope!” 

This 30-second teaser has gotten a lot of buzz on the interwebs. Fans of both Peele and Curry wonder what Curry is doing in this teaser if he’s not even among the film’s cast members. Some say that perhaps this is a sign that the player will have a cameo in the movie. On the other hand, more people are hailing this teaser as proof that Nope is a sci-fi film and has alien elements.

Nope Promises to Repeat the Greatness of Get Out

Nope is a film written, produced, and directed by Jordan Peele. As with his previous films, Us and Get Out, the premise of Nope indicates that this will be a horror film. The plot revolves around a small California town whose inhabitants witness a mysterious and abnormal event. 

Both the trailer released in February and this new Nope teaser starring Stephen Curry seem to hint that the film will have an alien element related to abductions. However, very little is known about the script, and we shouldn’t forget that Peele’s films are known for their sudden twists and his social commentary.

In addition, Nope will reunite Jordan Peele with Daniel Kaluuya, star of Get Out, and an actor highly acclaimed by Peele himself. In a recent interview, Peele expressed that he always had Kaluuya in mind for the lead role in this film, including since he was writing the script. “Daniel’s craft is on a different level, but it’s his warmth that grounds audiences even during points of absolute madness. You may be watching a nightmare, but when he’s on screen, at least you’ve got your brother with you, and that’s all you need.” 

On Twitter and Instagram, they posted the teaser with the following description: “It’s a NOPE for @StephenCurry30,” and that was it, with no further clues. We’ll have to wait for the film’s release this July 22 to find out what’s behind these previews. Do you already know what that scary thing coming to town in Nope is?

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