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New Supergirl Costume Revealed…and It’s a Marvel?

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BY April 28, 2020

The star of CW’s hit series Melissa Benoist, revealed revealed a New Supergirl costume. The new look for the titular hero comes ahead of this week’s Comic-Con. Early in the season, we will say goodbye to the traditional Supergirl attire of red boots, sheer black tights, and red skirt. Instead a mostly blue suit will replace it, along with red boots up to the knees and a more ornate yellow belt. But, the most drastic change for fans of Supergirl will be…her bangs! No, it’s actually the fact that suit ditches the red skirt in favor of blue spandex (maybe faux leather?) pants. The hair-conscious will also notice that this Supergirl sports bangs, a fun idea that can’t help the whole secret identity thing when soon-to-be Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kara Danvers also rocks a fresh new set of, uh, forehead curtains?

The New Look!

Supergirl's new costume
Image via Instagram

You can see the new look for yourselves, shared on Melissa Benoist’s official Instagram page. It’s definitely a cool-looking suit, and her fellows on the CW shows have all gone through costume changes in-between seasons. However, and we say this with all due respect to how awesome this show is, this look seems a bit familiar. Something about this new suit seems to hearken back to the mostly blue uniform worn by a fully-powered Carol Danvers in the third act of Captain Marvel. The costumes are not identical, of course, but still it seems close enough that it’s worth mentioning. So, as the costume change in that film represented the character’s growth, perhaps this marks a more mature, serious Supergirl? We’ll know more when the trailer for the fifth season of Supergirl (and Supergirl’s new costume) makes its debut at Comic-Con!

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