Upcoming Holiday Special - The New Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments
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New Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments Have Us Feeling Holly And Jolly

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BY July 16, 2021

I don’t write about it all that much here at Comic Years, but I’m a Christmas fanatic. I love everything about the season, but especially the decorations. We’re not all that close to Christmas yet (166 days, but who’s counting?) but it’s Christmas in July season. Other fans of the festive season start eyeing new things to help make the upcoming holiday special, including the launch of new Hallmark ornaments. Good news for Star Wars fans: there’s a ton of great additions this year. The new Star Wars Hallmark ornaments for 2021 are downright amazing and any geek who loves the franchise needs to have these on their list.

Ho Ho Holy Crap, Is One of the New Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments a Death Star Tree Topper?

new Star Wars hallmark ornaments Image Credit: Hallmark

Remember last year how all you could think about was Babu Frik missing from your holiday tree? Well, you’ll be shouting “Hey Hey!” this holiday season thanks to the latest Hallmark drop of 2021 ornaments. Among the over 250 new ornaments are a ton of great new Hallmark Star Wars pieces that you’ll definitely want to check out. If you don’t usually buy these every year, then you’re in for even more of a treat. There are tons to browse online and they’re all really great.

Everything from holiday sweater-wearing Darth Vaders to decorated homes full of festive Force spirit released in past years. The new arrivals this year seem like the best in recent memory. Grogu, the featured image, is perched upon a Stormtrooper helmet. Babu, our beloved Anzellan angel, is seen above with his pal C-3PO. And, of course, there’s the light-up Death Star tree topper seen below.

new Star Wars hallmark ornaments Image Credit: Hallmark

All in all, you might not be in the holiday spirit quite yet. Me, I’m already getting excited for Halloween. You have to work ahead of the holidays to make the most of them. If you think I’m insane, then let me know in the comments. Otherwise, be sure to check out the other great options on Hallmark from this year and past releases.

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Featured Image Credit: Hallmark

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