Netflix's Geekend Week - What It Is And When It Will Be
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Netflix’s Geekend Week – What It Is And When It Will Be

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BY May 18, 2022

Faced with the onslaught of bad news for the platform, the popular platform promises to surprise content fans with Netflix’s Geekend Week 2022. The streaming service already has everything ready to hold one of the most successful events for the platform. However, this time it will have to exceed the public’s expectations. Let’s remember that last month it fell more than 30% in the stock market, losing around 200 thousand subscribers. So this year, it will have to face the challenge of presenting a quality catalog. Here are the details.

What is the Netflix’s Geekend Week About

New Weekend´s Streaming Releases (Image Via: Netflix)

One of the most popular streaming services in the world is preparing Netflix’s Geekend Week. This event is highly anticipated by the platform’s subscribers, who number millions. At this event, participants will be able to see the most important new movies and series that the platform has prepared. Previews of Netflix’s most successful shows, such as The Umbrella Academy or Stranger Things, will also be presented.

This display will be the second year that this event has been held. The first edition was in June 2021, and it was a complete success. Like last year, the event will be streamed on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Through these communication channels, users worldwide will be able to follow trailers, interviews, and all kinds of new information.

How Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022 will be divided up

This week will be full of content to learn more about the platform’s upcoming projects. From what we know so far, they will unveil mid-term plans, and there will be previews of major premieres.

Netflix presented an official statement informing how the week will be divided. Netflix Geeked Week will be held between June 6 and 10. During these days, fans will be able to virtually see the whole event. As Netflix representatives have said, we should expect interesting things that will be the biggest in history. Fans of series and movies will enjoy the most during these five days.

The event will work the same way as last year. Attendees will enjoy previews, interviews, and material through different platforms. The event will be streamed on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Below we leave the trailer of Netflix’s Geekend Week event, which has left no one indifferent.

Events will be divided by content and by day:

  • Monday 6th, the event will be dedicated to the platform’s series
  • Netflix will dedicate Tuesday 7th exclusively to movies
  • Wednesday 8th, the event will be focused on the animated series
  • Thursday 9th will be entire to the hit series Stranger Things
  • Friday 10th will be dedicated to Games

The event will also feature special guests Jaeden Martell, Jacob Bertrand, Reece Feldman, Tiffany Smith, Ella Purnell, Felicia Day, Geoff Keighley, B. Dave Walters, and Mari Takahashi.

Even though Netflix is not going through its best moment, it wants to give its best in this event. The great success of last year’s edition has encouraged them to do it again this year. The truth is that Netflix has offered us very good series and movies. And the fact that it is going through a bad moment is not a reason to turn its back on it. Maybe now they will realize that they have been broadcasting too much junk content and change course.

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