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Michelle Heaton breaks down in tears on Loose Women as she reads out an emotional letter from her husband.

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BY May 6, 2022

Michelle Heaton breaks down in tears on Loose Women as she reads out an emotional letter from her husband.

Michelle Heaton let the tears fall today on today’s edition of Loose Women as she read out the emotional letter her husband sent to her in April while she was in the Priory last year. The recovering alcoholic was labeled “a liar” and “untrustworthy” by her husband of 14 years, Hugh Hanley sent to her.


The former Liberty X singer, 41 was celebrating her first anniversary of alcohol abstinence after she had a close shave with death due to her alcoholism. 

Her reason for reading out the letter was to show how the actions of those in “active addiction” affect loved ones. She also revealed she had obtained her husband’s permission to share the letter with viewers.

The letter revealed the huge impact Michelle’s drinking had on their kids Faith and AJ, aged 10 and 8 respectively. The singer was teary as she read it out aloud.

michelle heaton via @superwomanchelle Instagram

The letter read “Watching you spiral like this has been personally very hard to deal with. I couldn’t talk to my best friend, which was you. The last three years, I have watched you spiral into someone I don’t recognize. The strain that has put on our relationship has been very demanding and I’ve been left embarrassed severally by the way you spoke to me in front of people which was never you. You were always my biggest fan”

“Yet I found myself bearing the brunt of your anger and having to shoulder that while also trying to help the kids navigate your new behavior.

“Your addictive behavior has hurt me a lot personally, Chelle and it has turned you into a liar. You have become someone who is very untrustworthy, your behavior has robbed me of my wife and the kids of their mummy.”

Michelle Heaton celebrates one year of sobriety

Michelle confessed after reading the letter that she doesn’t recognize that person and that she isn’t the one. She expressed the guilt she felt during  her period of addiction.

“I was mainly absent and wasn’t able to give them the nurturing which they needed at that time. Drinking meant I had no regards for what was happening to her loved ones and I feel so much guilt about what happened”

Michelle however thinks she has fortunately rebuilt her relationship with her husband and kids into the “very strong” relationship it once was. 

“Kids are naturally very forgiving in nature,” she said with a smile. She went further to tell viewers that she and her husband had informed the kids that she is “allergic” to alcohol in a bid to help them understand her struggle better and according to Mitchelle, her daughter Faith now pulls her away from the wine aisle in the supermarket. 

Struggles with addiction

Michelle’s struggle with alcoholism is no secret. Back in December 2020, her health hit rock bottom, landing her in the hospital. Her ill health and firm warnings from her doctor and a pancreas and liver specialist had not deterred her from grabbing a bottle of alcohol the moment she got home much to her husband’s frustration.

It would be recalled in an interview with OK! Hugh had said he managed to stay strong during the rough patch they all went through because he knew his wife wasn’t being herself. The desire and hope to get his wife back someday saw him through. He admitted to not also not leaving her because he feared she wouldn’t have made it much longer had he done that.

He also thinks she now does a better job at being a super mum than before.

“AJ’s mood has really improved as he now enjoys banter with his mother” according to him.

Michelle still attends AA meetings so as not to slip up in her struggle against alcoholism.


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