Michael Keaton's Batman's Future Amidst Batgirl Cancellation
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Michael Keaton’s Batman’s Future Amidst Batgirl Cancellation

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BY October 6, 2022

Michael Keaton’s Batman is facing an uncertain future with the cancellation of Batgirl and the possible delay of The Flash. The classic Batman we know first appeared in 1989 and would reappear in the DCU with The Flash, Aquaman, and the (now cancelled) Batgirl movie.

Keaton’s version of Batman is a treasure for fans, as he was one of the first superheroes on the big screen. Fans were excited to see him in movies again, but now they fear Warner will destroy their dream.

Michael Keaton’s Batman’s Uncertain Future

For all DC fans, it is indeed a difficult time. After years of turmoil for the DCU at Warner Bros., things were looking up. But movie cancellations began as the franchise seemed to recover in the right direction. Batgirl is the first confirmed cancellation, and films like Blue Beetle, Black Canary, and Supergirl are hanging by a thread. Other movies like The Flash and Shazam, scheduled to screen next year, are also in danger. DC fans have mixed feelings since Warner hasn’t issued any official statements, leaving them uncertain.

michael keaton batman Image via Warner Pictures

Batman’s first appearance was scheduled for The Flash this 2023, but with Ezra Miller’s scandal, who knows if the movie is even premiering? Batman would play the role of Barbara Gordon’s mentor in Batgirl, handing her Gotham’s watch. After discarding this appearance, Micheal Keaton’s Batman’s future in the Warner Bros. and DCU franchise looks discouraging.

Earlier this week, Jason Momoa revealed that Ben Affleck’s Batman is in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The news comes after months of speculation that the only Batman moving forward would be Keaton, which already seems unlikely. Up to now, Warner Bros. has not confirmed or denied anything about the actor’s future in DCU.

michael keaton in talks to play batman again in dceu flash bat computer full suit Image via Warner Bros.

Next Batman Appearances

Keaton’s return has been a big deal for Warner Bros, which was looking to expand to more multiversal stories with their upcoming films. His appearance would help mark a new beginning to the DCEU, as Ben Affleck’s Batman would die, and he would leave Gotham in Batgirl’s hands.

But now, we do not know what is in store for this character or Michael Keaton in the DCEU. Hopefully, Warner will start announcing their decisions and changes for the studio, and we will surely know the direction they’ll take. For many fans, Keaton could be the glue to hold DC together in the future, so they thought the studio would try to keep him in as many projects as possible for years.

michael keaton in talks to play batman again in dceu flash bat signal Image via Warner Bros.

Considering The Flash is a wild card to give a new reboot in the DC world, Keaton could be one of the most sought-after actors to help set up an even bigger future for this franchise. We believe and bet that the best is yet to come for both Warner Bross and actor Michael Keaton playing Batman.

Perhaps Keaton’s Batman will be in movies like Black Adam or Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and we don’t know it. Or maybe, with all the changes Warner is making after their merge with Discovery, our dreams of seeing 1989’s Batman will be forever destroyed.

Feature Image via Warner Bros.


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