Michael Keaton About his Return as Batman
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Michael Keaton About His Return As Batman

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BY October 2, 2022

The night was for Michael Keaton, who won his first Emmy Award in his acting career. However, that was not the most striking thing for others. In the question section, there were more questions about his return as Batman than about the award he had just won. The Emmy that Keaton won was for the Dopesick series, for best lead actor in an anthology miniseries. This prize was a great achievement for him, and he showed excitement upon receiving it. However, when the Q&A session began, Michael Keaton was asked about his return as Batman.

Michael Keaton About his Return as Batman

michael keaton batman Image via Warner Pictures

At the Emmy Awards, the actor received recognition as best lead actor in a miniseries. However, Michael Keaton received questions about his return as Batman rather than the series that gave him the award. Readers should note that initially, Keaton would return as the Dark Knight, and this would be as a mentor to the new generation of superheroes, such as Batgirl or Nightwing.

Warner’s plans with DC changed radically when they merged with Discovery. CEO David Zaslav canceled the movie where Keaton would return as Batman, Batgirl. Warner Bros. shelved and saved the film, although the reasons are unclear. This fact almost caused the resignation of DC Films president Walter Hamada.

Since then, the eyes have been on Michael Keaton about his return as Batman. The actor played the Dark Knight in 89. Keaton seemed confused with the questions as if he had no information or idea about the subject. This disorder is understandable, considering that few within Warner Bros. know what they will do with DC.

In the end, Keaton stated, “I really don’t know ; A little later tonight probably if you’re lucky; I’m not kidding. We’ll see it was great; It was fun; I really have no idea.”

Despite the lack of information, we can presume that the chances of the actor returning to the role of Batman are slim. This is considering Zaslav’s statements that they will focus on developing the main DC characters, which leaves Keaton in a bad light, as few would come to see a Batman in his 70s.

Ben Affleck’s (also) Long-awaited Return as Batman

Ben Affleck Stopped Being the Batman Justice League Image via Warner Bros.

There is also the fact that Ben Affleck will return to his role as Batman, albeit in cameo mode. He will appear in the Aquaman sequel, returning to DC, despite his previous statements of never signing back to the studio. This reentering could imply that Warner Bros. will prepare the character again for a new Aquaman movie and a prequel to Justice League.

We will have to wait as DC and Warner are in the process of reorganization. These changes are not only because Zaslav changes helm. In addition, we have the scandals of Ezra Miller, the protagonist of The Flash. Miller has been jailed and reported several times, which could distort the movie’s audience and appeal. Hence, many fans are questioning the return of Michael Keaton as Batman.  

The Storyline of Dopesick, the Series that Won Michael Keaton his First Emmy


The series in which Michael Keaton participated and earned him his first Emmy was Dopesick. It is a miniseries that is broadcast on the streaming platform Hulu and consists of eight chapters in total. It is based on a science fiction book of the same name, Beth Macy’s.

The plot of this miniseries is about the strong situation that the United States has with the drug issue. It shows how the civilization of this country is decaying due to the consumption of these psychotropic substances. The situation affects young people and adults, leading teenagers to do crazy things.

Michael Keaton plays Dr. Samuel Finnix, a doctor who helps treat addicts in a US city. The role and the series itself were a hard blow for the actor, reflecting the strong existing situation with the drug issue and how it seems to be worsening.

The production shows how dirty this type of market is, the violence it generates, death, deceit, and other effects. Also, consumption is introduced in schools and communities and expands little by little. Although it is a science fiction production, for some, it is similar to the current situation in the North American country.

What do you think of Michael Keaton’s statements about his return as Batman? We’ll read you in the comments. 




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