Marvel CEO Kevin Feige Weighs In On James Gunn (DC Boss)
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Marvel CEO Kevin Feige Weighs In On James Gunn Becoming DC Boss

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BY October 30, 2022

Marvel CEO Kevin Feige is talking about James Gunn’s newly appointed role as boss at DC Studios. For those who haven’t heard, it’s not only Marvel undergoing significant changes in its board of directors. Now it’s DC’s turn, with new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, who will mark a new milestone in the cinematic history of comics.

The world of cinema will continue to experience direction changes and strategic visions that try to position them as the best. Everything points to the fact that those two are looking to generate projects that will once again place them as they were in the golden age of comics.

James Gunn Image via Gage Skidmore

Kevin Feige, Head of Marvel, Discusses James Gunn’s Choice as DC Studios’s Leader

Marvel CEO Kevin Feige feels that the newly elected James Gunn as leader of Dc Studios has not been long in coming. Kevin Feige stated, “I’ll be first in line to see whatever he does.” In recent statements offered to Deadline to promote Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Kevin Feige made a very brief statement about those who will handle the destinies of Batman, Superman, and the rest of DC’s villains and heroes.

DC Studios’ official announcement mentioned that James Gunn would be in charge of everything related to the creative side of the franchise. At the same time, Peter Safran would be in the order of the commercial and production side.

Moon Knight Premiere Event Photo by Jesse Grant for Disney

Marvel CEO Kevin Feige continued his statement with a joke, arguing that Gunn is not finishing the work he started at Marvel, as the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special are still on the table.

James Gunn had an extensive performance at Marvel. He worked there since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but he was fired from the third Guardians movie after a scandal when some very controversial tweets from 2008 and 2009 came to light. After being fired, he made a public apology, to which he received generous support from fans and co-workers. After this bitter situation, DC Studios hired him to rewrite and direct Suicide Squad. Gunn returned to Marvel to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but fate brought him back to DC again, this time for good.

Why James Gunn Could be the Best Thing that Happened to DC

Experts say that James Gunn is qualified to give DCEU a consistent vision. He seems like the right man to do the job. It’s no secret that fans of comic book and DC Studios characters are highly disappointed. It’s too much bad news altogether, too many cancelled projects. That has generated a lot of unrest, and it all started when they put Batgirl in the vault.

But no evil can last forever, and DC’s bad streak could have ended. With these winds of change, Warner Bros. Discovery’s new board of directors is promising. Black Adam’s resounding success is undeniable. DC probably took advantage of it to give the public the news of the studio’s reorganization, revealing the names of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Warner Bros Pictures Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

While it is true that Warner promised changes and didn’t carry them out in the past, this new direction seems to be the right one to take. Kevin Feige knows DC Studios will be another head in Hollywood and rival Marvel. Gunn can look at movies from a director’s perspective and make informed decisions. If someone can lead a movie studio, is a director, not an executive who has no idea of what it takes to make a blockbuster.

James Gunn could be the right person to help accomplish David Zaslav’s proposed 10-year plan for DC. That approach represents a new system comparable to what happened with Pixar to make movies, which will undoubtedly bring good results. Gunn is what DC needs to venture into different genres and regain the stability it once had. These new CEOs will give the necessary touch to generate a balance between what the fans want and what the franchise can produce.

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