Man of Steel 2: Is Henry Cavill Coming Back?
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Man of Steel 2: Is Henry Cavill Coming Back?

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BY July 21, 2022

Many rumours exist around the situation between Warner Bros. and Henry Cavill about the role of Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe. One of them that Deadline confirmed in a recent report is that the actor would be on one of the panels at San Diego Comic-Con. Cavill’s appearance was a surprise for fans and was intended to make new Superman announcements. This news has caused uproar and uncertainty among fans and the press who are yearning for a Man of Steel 2. This could be the announcement Cavill could make at Comic-Con.

The Audience is Demanding Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavil as Superman Image via Warner Bros.

Something that the fans and the press have been asking for a long time is the confirmation of Man of Steel 2. The first Superman movie starring Cavill was Man of Steel (2013). This implies a 9-year wait for a possible sequel.

Audiences want to see the character in action again. His last appearance was in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021). The press has also commented on this on social media, causing a boom. Everyone wants the same thing, and it is the sequel to the movie, just like Wonder Woman and Aquaman had.

An example of the company’s opinions was David Thompson’s Twitter statement. This member of The Direct stated that he would go crazy if a Man of Steel 2 was announced. His post was this “I would go crazy #ManOfSteel2”.

Another person who commented on the matter was user @UsUnitedJustice. This one stated that he not only expects Cavill to declare about the new sequel, but he also emphasized that he would like Zack Snyder to make it. He commented, “Imagine Henry Cavill gets on stage and says ‘MAN OF STEEL 2 DIRECTED BY ZACK SNYDER.”

Man of Steel 2 Almost Confirmed

Henry Cavill Snyder Cut Future Superman Shirt Man of Steel Deny Rumors Image via Warner Bros.

For his part @callouswayne says this new sequel is almost confirmed. All that’s left is for Cavill to announce it. He did this by posting, “Guys, Man of Steel 2 almost confirmed, can’t wait, Henry Cavill is back.”

@HylianBean97 is another person calling for not only the sequel, but also the addition of Snyder as the sequel’s director. This one posted on Twitter “MAN OF STEEL 2!!! WITH ZACK SNYDER BACK PLEASE!!!! I remember he was at the Suicide Squad 2016 panel and surprised the cast. i miss those times!!!”.

Apparently, the press and the public are talking and implying that not only do they want the film sequel with Cavill, but many also want the director to be Zack Snyder himself.

The Reality of Cavill and Warner

Henry Cavill shows his scar Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America The reality between the company and the actor is somewhat complicated, considering the situations that have arisen. First, the DC films have not been as successful as expected, especially in the last one in which the actor participated, Justice League (2017). This was what, in the first instance, stopped the character’s appearance in the productions of this universe.

Subsequently, the relationship between the two parties worsened, for both personal and economic reasons. This after the publication of the agreement that Warner offered Cavill for his participation to the press and the whole world. This upset the actor leaving him in an unfavourable position in the negotiation.

This opens up the possibility that Cavill will not go to Comic-Con to announce Man of Steel 2 but to pass the baton to the next actor or actress. This could be the announcement of the Supergirl movie, which could supplant the character in the DC Universe. Also because of the report that was recently discovered, Warner had tried to remove Cavill from the role four years ago.

Warner Bros. Plagued by Inconveniences

Warner Bros. Studios logo Image via Warner Bros. Studios

There are other possibilities, considering Warner’s current situation. First, its productions have not had the desired box office or audience impact. It has actors that have had legal problems. As is the case of Ezra Miller and Amber Heard. For the time being, it is not known if The Flash will be released, and there is uncertainty about the acceptance of Aquaman 2. This due to Heard’s low popularity caused by the lawsuit against Depp.

This opens the possibility that Warner will listen to their fans and reach an agreement with Cavill. This could generate the return of Superman to the big screen and end the cameos of the character, using doubles or cutting heads. It may even be the case of seeing an early cameo with Cavill in Black Adam to have Man of Steel 2. This way, he could start to have the success in his productions that fans crave.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros

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