Lumberjanes On HBO Max Will Be From She-Ra Creator
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Lumberjanes Animated Series Coming To HBO Max From She-Ra Creator

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BY October 9, 2020

My love of She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power isn’t a secret. The fantasy animated series that rebooted a classic franchise with modern day diversity and fun and unique characters was mindblowing. Despite how sad I was about She-Ra ending with season 5, I’m happy to hear about a new series, similar in tone and style from the same creator is coming our way! Co-Creator Noelle Stevenson’s Boom! comic book series Lumberjanes on HBO Max will feature more of her amazing work on television. 

Lumberjanes On HBO Max Will Be An Animated Series

Lumberjanes on HBO Max girls. Image via Boom! Studios.

Stevenson recently produced and was the showrunner of Dreamworks’ and Netflix’s original series She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power. The 52 episodes through 5 seasons of the show was a brilliant hit. Along the way the show ended up winning Emmy’s and many GLAAD nominations for its representation and diversity. Not to mention, the series had some of the best writing and character dynamics that I’ve ever seen before. So to hear that her Stevenson’s own critically acclaimed comic book series, Lumberjanes, is coming to HBO Max as an animated series, is a wonderful surprise. Especially when you take a look at Lumberjanes’ subject matter. 

The new animated series feels like it will be very much in the vein of She-Ra. Lumberjanes is an ongoing comic book series about a group of girls who meet each other at an eccentric camp for tough girl types. After becoming friends, despite their very different personalities, the girls end up discovering strange creatures and encountering supernatural elements that they then have to deal with. It began as a procedural that then quickly became an ongoing series due to high sales and popularity. Lumberjanes is also unique for being a story that is female-driven, written by women that is accessible to girls of all ages. The series ended up winning two Eisner Awards, one of the highest honor for a comic book, with multiple GLAAD nominations for Outstanding Comic Book as well.

The Bidding War For Lumberjanes Began Early

Lumberjanes on HBO Max boat. Image via Boom! Studios.

A version of Lumberjanes was in development for a while now. The comic series released in 2014 and a feature film option came about in 2015 with Twentieth Century Fox. After Fox’s merger with Disney, the rights to Lumberjanes went to other studios. Later, when Stevenson and the publisher Boom! Studios turned the book into a series instead of a movie, studios went nuts. It incited a bidding war for Lumberjanes, with HBO Max seemingly having won the rights, as per THR.

Based on what I’ve seen from Stevenson and the tone of She-Ra, it sounds like Lumberjanes is very much Supernatural meets The Babysitter’s Club. Especially the concept of a group of young girls with strong wills and unique personalities. It seems like writing for and about the adventures strong young women without falling into the typical tropes around women characters is Stevenson’s strength. But to be fair, the Lumberjanes comic book series is co-written by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis and Brooklyn A. Allen. It’ll be interesting to see a group of everyday young women dealing with supernatural threats set in the real world, unlike She-Ra. I’m definitely onboard for the Lumberjanes on HBO Max. 

No word yet on when the animated series of Lumberjanes on HBO Max will premiere. 

So let me know what you guys think about Lumberjanes coming to streaming as a series. Reach out to me on social media to share your thoughts. 

Featured Image via Boom! Studios

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