Lord Of The Rings New Anime Movie Will Return To Helm’s Deep!
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New Lord Of The Rings Anime Movie Will Return To Helm’s Deep!

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BY April 28, 2022

Of all the new Lord Of The Rings projects that have come from director Peter Jackson’s original trilogy, a new anime movie gets me the most excited. Titled The War Of The Rohirrim, the new Lords Of The Rings anime movie will be set in the world of the original trilogy, taking place roughly 260 years before the events of The Two Towers. There have been a few projects that have followed Jackson’s trilogy, notably The Hobbit, which got its own trilogy. Although reactions to The Hobbit series were mixed, it still expanded on the LOTR world in many ways. Now despite a new Amazon series coming up, fans can expect yet another Lord Of The Rings project. However, this new anime movie will be a little different from the upcoming series. 

War For Rohirrim Is The New Lord Of The Rings Anime Movie

Lord Of The Rings anime movie heroes Image via New Line Cinema.

It’s a surprising announcement to be honest, that New Line Cinema, the studio behind the original Lord Of The Rings movies, and Warner Bros Animation are involved in a Lord Of The Rings anime movie. Surprising because, with another series coming from the same world, it feels counterintuitive to set a new feature anime film, separate from that. 

In a time of shared universes and interconnected stories, it feels odd to have a new feature film as part of the previous franchise, and not tying into the new prequel franchise they are attempting, as corporate synergy would usually dictate. But the new anime movie would also remind fans of another animated Lord Of The Rings from the late 70’s and early 80s that made choices that were just as odd. For lack of a better descriptor. 

Returning To Helm’s Deep, But In Anime

Lord Of The Rings anime movie Deep. Image via New Line Cinema.

The War For Rohirrim anime will take place 260 years before the events of the second film in the original trilogy, The Two Towers. The movie saw a siege happen in the valley fortress known as Helm’s Deep where a contingent of men has to protect themselves from the onslaught of the forces of Sauron. Those sequences alluded to how the place had survived other sieges and wars. And The War For Rohirrim seems to be a prequel with that in mind.

Speaking as a casual Tolkien fan, with my only experiences being the original and Hobbit movies; this is exciting. One of the best things about The Two Towers was the Battle of Helm’s Deep. I’ve often joked over the years that the movie would be dramatically improved if it had a Helm’s Deep cut: a supercut of all the scenes involving that battle, and editing out everything and everyone else that had nothing to do with that battle. So to revisit that same location, but centuries before is a concept I can get on board with. 

How This Lord Of The Rings Anime Movie Might Look

Lord Of The Rings anime movie Urban. Image via New Line Cinema.

The previous Lord Of The Rings animated moves from the 70s and 80s featured a very standard, kid-friendly style of animation. But an anime version of one of the most epic fantasy franchises in history could be awesome. Especially when the feature is going to deal with a violent battle, I can only imagine how brutal and hardcore the creators can go with it. The anime medium absolutely allows for some graphic violence and gore. And to be able to experience that within the LOTR world can never be a bad thing. Especially given the creators involved. 

The Lord Of The Rings anime movie comes from director Kenji Kamiyama, who was the man behind season 1 of Netflix’s Ultraman. Joining him in producing the film is another Netflix anime veteran, Joseph Chou, who is doing the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime for the streamer. With this kind of anime vets behind the project, the War for Rohirrim looks to be an exciting new entry into the LOTR franchise. At least, until the Amazon Prime series debuts. 

No word yet on when the new War For Rohirrim anime will release. 

Are you excited about a Lord Of The Rings anime? Let me know in the comments below. 

Feature image via New Line Cinema. 

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