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A Live-Action She-Ra Series Is In Very Early Pre-Production

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BY September 14, 2021

Cartoons from the 80s are just all over the spotlight lately. First, we got a new He-Man, then they go and announce a new Rats of NIHM series. Now we learn that She-Ra is getting some more attention, barely a year after She-Ra and the Princesses of Power ended. The one marked difference we know so far is that this time, we’re going to see She-Ra outside of animation. We’re getting a live-action She-Ra series, and that could mean a whole lot of things. 

Everything Known About Live-Action She-Ra

The great thing about super early production shows is that it doesn’t take long at all to list everything we know so far. The live-action She-Ra series is going to be live-action. It is also being produced by Dreamworks. That’s it. That’s everything so far. The series doesn’t have a writer, even the hint of a cast, and no plot to speak of. However, just because we don’t know a ton about this specific series doesn’t mean we don’t have information.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power did a few things really well: it made a lot of adult men angry and was crazy popular. And it won a bunch of awards, was overall critically acclaimed with great scores on Rotten Tomatoes, and it probably also made a boatload of cash on merchandise. Official shirts are still around $20, and forging your child a real Sword of Protection is definitely a pricey endeavor. 

Live-Action She-Ra Series Image via Netflix.

A Few Baseless Predictions 

It’s really tempting to look at that information and make wild predictions. It wouldn’t be against reason to say that She-Ra and the Princesses of Power made a couple people angry by taking such iconoclastic stances as “sometimes heroes are gay” and “friendship good” or even “women characters can be made for women viewers.” Totally revolutionary stuff. Still, it annoyed some people, and they got zesty about it. Granted, these aren’t exactly the kind of people you’d want to share a room, a conversation, or a loaf of bread with, but they were still loud. It’s tempting to look at that information and wonder if this series will take a flying leap away from that progress back into something some people find less challenging. We can hope not, and there’s no sign other than wild speculation to say otherwise. 

Live-Action She-Ra Series Image via Netflix.

Or we can think positively. The last She-Ra was a huge success. It’s a Netflix series that actually finished, so you know it has to be pretty good. If we want to think optimistically and say that this series will improve upon the successes of SPOP, we need only read this heartwarming quote from Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney: “We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective.”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power made money. Dreamworks may not want to mess with a good thing. Companies like it when their stuff makes money.  Maybe the invisible hand of the market will guide Dreamworks toward something special. This early in pre-pre-production, it’s hard to say anything other than that Dreamworks is making a live-action She-Ra series. There was a lot of good in previous iterations of the franchise. Noelle Stevenson’s adaptation was such a joyful representation of strong women and unburied gays, and it’d be a shame to see something that rejects all that wholly. Whatever this series will be, it shouldn’t just be a rehash of what we’ve seen before, but it also shouldn’t be its own antithesis. Now we’ll just sit and wait and speculate. There are more shows on the horizon in the meantime. Hopefully the new Rats of NIHM series will be good. 

What are your hopes for the live-action She-Ra series? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Featured image via Netflix

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