Leslie Grace Images Revealed From Cancelled Batgirl Movie
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Leslie Grace’s New Images Revealed From Cancelled Batgirl Movie

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BY January 3, 2023

One of the expectations that arose in the middle of the year was what Leslie Grace would look like as Batgirl. Many wanted to see this production in hopes that it would give the Batman character a different backstory. However, Warner cancelled the film without warning, causing them to lose $90 million.

Despite the cancellation, several film members sought to take the film public. One such case is the directors of this film who were looking for footage of the film. They were looking for photos, images, and videos that could lift the spirits of others and show some of their work.

In the last news revealed by the actress, we learned more about Leslie Grace’s appearance in the Batgirl cancelled movie. Various outfits were shown, whether they were more casual looking, as well as a dark blue suit. Barbara Gordon was also detailed in the suit.

Leslie Grace’s New Images Revealed From Cancelled Batgirl Movie

The Batgirl movie

Among the photos, we have Leslie Grace behind the scenes, eating very little from what we can see. These new photos show her life behind the scenes in her Batgirl costume. Some can be seen with only a mask and a balaclava hat. This leads to the assumption that the costume design had yet to be chosen at the time.

One of the doubts left by these photos is what was the final design of the costume. Already shown is the annotated version, which is supposed to be a preliminary edition. In another photo, Leslie Grace appears in her purple costume, apparently one of her favorite choices. Another alternative was a dark blue costume that was shown in several images. 

Leslie Grace Image: Leslie Grace IG

In the caption of the publication, the actress commented that these images were not to claim but to append to the 2023 result. Grace did say that she was grateful for everything, considering all that had happened. She also stressed that it is thanks to God that she could retire.

Actress Leslie Grace also commented that the experience was pleasant, even though she could never see that movie. She stated that it was a year of blessings in 2022. She also said in her publications that she is looking forward to other DC roles, although it has not been detailed. 

Future of the Batman’s Universe

Michael Keaton batman Image: Warner Bros.

One question many are asking is the future of Batman. Leslie Grace could have had the opportunity to play a part in this story, although it did not happen in the end. Then there is the fact that DC and Warner are restructuring. That would imply that the plot could suffer changes again. 

If there are changes in the plot, we could have new characters. Some related to the bats, and others not so much. We will likely see the other characters created, as in Shazam and Aquaman

Batman seems to be a long shot considering all the mess that can occur. The Dark Knight wants to make his appearance soon. 


Add to this the fact that the movies being inspired reflect few similarities to Batman. She may have a brief appearance if we consider the upcoming Blue Beetle movie, where the bat could appear. 

We have other alternatives for how many movies could be coming out soon in DC. First of all, we have in the Aquaman sequel the appearance of some members of the Justice League.

Batgirl with these joins the films that were completed but never released. However this movie had something important: the presence of Michael Keaton. In it he would be the leader and tutor of the character played by Leslie Grace.

Featured Image Via Leslie Grace Instagram




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