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LEGO Star Wars in Game Pass Will Be A Reality!

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BY December 1, 2022

LEGO Star Wars is easily one of the most beloved video game sagas. It’s been around for almost two decades. And, it keeps captivating audiences of all ages. That makes today, December 1st, a fantastic date. As it turns out, we’re getting LEGO Star Wars in Game Pass.

I’m not talking about any Lego Star Wars, either. Game Pass is receiving The Skywalker Saga. The record-breaking game unites the entire main saga into one game. Basically, it’s three games in a single package.

The Skywalker Saga also runs the entire game in a new engine. It adds new features, like character upgrades and new abilities. Plus, the title adds the last two movies from the main series.

It’s the ultimate way to experience the Star Wars saga.

Plus, the announcement was also quite exciting. Lots of teasing from the Game Pass Twitter account started everything. However, Twitter users were quick to decipher the hang-man style puzzle.

So, let’s see what all the fuzz is about.

Teasing and theories about the new Xbox Game Pass title

Yesterday, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account shared the image you see above. According to the account, there was no particular reason. However, the image spurred a wave of intrigued followers.

Theories were quick to come up. And, the Game Pass account indulged extensively in the fun. It provided new letters to give a hint to its followers. It also poked fun at those who guessed Xbox Game Pass.

However, the theories also paved the way for fun and memes…

The three words with four letters left little room for hypotheses. Still, that didn’t stop people from guessing things like Metl Gear Sald.

The account later confirmed that the announcement was about Xbox Game Pass. The third update added an R at the second word’s end. That’s when fans quickly jumped to the conclusion: LEGO Star Wars.

Xbox’s official confirmation of LEGO Star Wars in Game Pass

Curiously, Eurogamer covered the story since the rumors started. By now, they’ve updated the article to add the official confirmation.

The first spill came after Tom Warren, of The Verge, guessed LEGO Star Wars. The response said nothing directly. But, it also said everything. The official LEGO account responded to the tweet, as you can see above. The response was simply a TIE-Fighter shrugging and laying down on a beach lounger.

The response didn’t feature a single word. But, it confirmed what everyone thought. The original Eurogamer article even guessed it would be The Skywalker Saga.

Then, a few hours ago today (December 1st), Xbox confirmed the theories. The official Xbox Twitter account revealed LEGO Star Wars for Game Pass. And, yes, it’s The Skywalker Saga. The game will be available for Xbox and PC Game Pass on December 6th.

The complete LEGO Star Wars experience coming to XBOX and PC on December 6th

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is the ultimate experience. If you’re a LEGO and Star Wars fan, you can’t miss it. The game features the entire Skywalker saga in one game. That means all episodes from The Phantom Menace to The Rise of Skywalker.

Also, the game doesn’t just recycle the content from previous games. Everything got ported over to a new engine. Plus, all the levels include new abilities and character customization. You can play through the three trilogies in any order. And, each movie features different missions with several levels.

Players can unlock unique characters from every movie. There are hundreds of LEGO heroes and villains here. And, that was my favorite part of previous LEGO games. Plus, there’s a lot to do: puzzles, unlockables, secrets, and more.

The game packs everything with amazing slapstick humor that never gets old. Also, the game strays a bit from the traditional linear gameplay. Some sections feature open areas you’re free to explore. So, make the most out of every level to collect Studs and unlock characters!

I’ll be looking forward to playing it on December 6th. I can already feel my inner kid cheering inside me.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox.

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