Will Donald Glover Reprise His Role Of Lando Calrissian
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Will Donald Glover Reprise His Role Of Lando Calrissian For A New Disney+ Series?

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BY February 11, 2021

Twitter was on fire this morning thanks to a rumor that a new Star Wars series would be coming to Disney+ focusing on Lando Calrissian. The rumor suggests that Donald Glover will reprise his role for the new show. Naturally, we do not have any official confirmation from Disney, Lucasfilm, or Glover himself. So while we take this news with a large grain of Spice from the Mines of Kessel, we are still very excited about the possibility. So let’s dig in and see what a Lando series could entail.

Lando Solo Poster Image via Lucasfilm

Is A Lando Series Really Going To Happen?

The news was announced this morning from the twitter account for Star Wars fan podcast Kessel Run Transmissions. It rapidly took off from there, with many people retweeting the news. Allegedly the guys behind Kessel Run Transmissions have heard that Donald Glover is close to signing a deal with Disney+ for a new series. But again, we do not have confirmation on this yet. However these are the same people who predicted a sequel series to Star Wars: Rebels was on the way. While this still might be true, the next animated series on the way will be The Bad Batch which is due on Disney+ in 2021.

Lando ROTJ Image via Lucasfilm

So if a Lando series does happen on Disney+ what would it entail? Here at Comic Years, we would love to see the inclusion of Billy Dee Williams in the show as well. Star Wars fan Heath Williams on Twitter came up with this excellent idea of how the show could be framed, with an older Lando (played by Williams) narrating his memoirs of his youthful exploits. We are here for this. In fact, this was how the George Lucas-created The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles  started out, with a much older Indiana Jones (played by the late George Hall). So, there’s precedent for this!

A Lando Show Should Pick Up The Pieces Solo Left

Glover’s turn as Lando in the standalone Solo film was the best thing about the movie. And given that no news of a Solo sequel has emerged, a Lando series on Disney+ could help answer some of the questions that the movie left us. After all, the film ended on a bit of a cliffhanger that directly tied to the events depicted in The Clone Wars final season. We also know that Lando had an established relationship with the character of Qi’ra (played by Emilia Clarke) who is still standing at the end of Solo.

A new Lando show could give us some more of the story of Qi’ra and (no longer a Darth) Maul after the events of Solo, filling in the gaps leading up to Maul’s story in Star Wars Rebels and everyone else’s in the original trilogy. We could finally learn what happened with the Crimson Dawn syndicate. Perhaps we might even see the witches of Dathomir in live action, which would be exciting.

Lando & Qi'ra Qi’ra & Lando | Image via Lucasfilm

There are so many directions that a Lando show could go. Taking a cue from the episodic nature of The Mandalorian would be a good idea. The series could tell individual stories from Lando’s life that tie into a larger narrative. It would also be great to see Emilia Clarke reprise her Solo role in a new Star Wars show. Especially given she hasn’t been doing much since her last big fantasy series ended.

While these are still rumors at the moment, they certainly have us excited for the potential of a show centered on Lando Calrissian. And you know we will be updating with more information as soon as we know it!

What do you think about the possibility of a Lando show? Are you excited to see Donald Glover potentially return to the role? Join the conversation with Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today.

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