Kevin Spacey Trial, Actor Faces 12-Count Of Sexual Assault Trial
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Kevin Spacey Trial, Actor Faces Prosecutor In 12-count Sexual Assault Trial

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BY July 15, 2023

The trial of actor Kevin Spacey continues as the four people who accused the Hollywood star gave their statements to the judge and grand jury. They detailed how the two-time Oscar winner sexually assaulted them. The victims alleged that the actor touched their crotches and other inappropriate activities.

Kevin Spacey could defend himself against the accusations the four men made. The identities of the alleged victims remain anonymous. On Thursday, 13 April he confronted the prosecutor handling his case, Christine Agnew. The judge had to intervene several times as the situation became very intense.

Kevin Spacey Trial, Actor Declares He Is Innocent

Netflix suspends production on House of Cards following new allegations against Kevin Spacey - Vox

During Agnew’s cross-examination, the actor said that he was innocent and that the charges against him were ridiculous. Spacey said he did have sex with two men who accused him of sexual assault. However, he indicated that it was consensual and nothing happened that they didn’t want.

Spacey indicated he was romantic with the two of them, friendly, maybe a little rough in the act, but they never said they wanted it to stop. Of the person who accused him of gentle touch, he commented that it was a mistake on his part and that it was a misinterpretation of the signs and added that he couldn’t tell if someone wanted to be with him or not at first glance.

In the case of the latest accuser, Spacey said he has little recollection of the events. The man in question said the actor performed oral sex on him while he was passed out. He also insinuated that the two-time Oscar winner drugged him to abuse him when he was unconscious. 

On all this, the artist could not give a convincing defence, as he rambled on and on, especially when the prosecutor mentioned that he was the one who called the emergency services when the person did not wake up. 

Kevin Spacey must convince the jury in the trial that he is innocent. Otherwise, he could go to jail for a long time. However, it is not easy, considering the statements of the 4 people and the precedents of the actor, who has several unproven accusations of sexual assault.

House of Cards Actor Loses Everything Over This Accusation

Spacey allegations cast doubt on final 'House of Cards' season | Financial Times Image: Netflix

The actor Kevin Spacey indicated that the sexual assault allegations and the trial ruined his life. He claims suffering damage to his image, career and finances. Spacey lost several jobs and projects he had at the time. One of them was his role in Netflix’s House of Cards. He even had to pay $31 million to the studio for breaching the terms of his contract.

The actor also indicated that several roles he had been assigned were disappearing as news of his accusation went viral on social media. Spacey also added that his reputation is on the floor at the moment, and so is his image.

It should be noted that Spacey already had a blow to his image when the LGBT+ group convinced him to confirm that he was gay and come out of the wardrobe. Since then, he has been in the comments of critics and fans. Now, this process puts him further in the eye of the storm. 

On the positive side of all this are the job opportunities Spacey has. He indicated to the press that he has several job opportunities and projects waiting for him until the trial ends and he is declared innocent.   

For now, the trial is still ongoing, and Spacey must continue to defend himself against accusations of sexual assault by his colleagues, who have already been cleared of such accusations in 2017 and 2019 due to a lack of evidence.

Featured Image Via Netflix 

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