Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet Series Is Getting Animated
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Kevin Smith Is Bringing Back The Green Hornet. Again. 

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BY July 31, 2020

Kevin Smith is fast becoming one of the hardest working people in the industry. Watch out, The Rock! Although, unlike Dwayne Johnson’s empire of TV, movies, advertising, production, and now, even fine spirits, Kevin Smith seems to continuously will his career into relevancy and existence, focusing on the things he loved as a kid. The latest announcement from Kevin Smith will bring The Green Hornet series back to life as a cartoon. It’s a great match given the franchise’s comic book roots, as well as Smith’s own history with The Green Hornet. 

The Green Hornet Was An Anti-Hero Before It Was Cool

Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet series original series. Image via ABC Television.

Green Hornet was predominantly a superhero franchise that began back in 1936. Initially, a radio show, the character appeared in different mediums such as movies, TV shows, and comic books. The most notable of which is the 1966 ABC series that brought the iconic Bruce Lee to the small screen. Another incarnation was the 2011 movie that had Seth Rogen as a bumbling and goofy version of the character. The story of Green Hornet is that of any usual superhero, but with a key difference. 

Green Hornet is the alter ego of a rich newspaper owner who fights injustice through print, and bad guys through, uh, fighting. He is joined by the adept fighter Kato, who moonlights as his chauffeur and assistant by day. Together they fight crime in a souped-up car known as The Black Beauty. While all this seems like the usual superhero fare, there is something different. The Green Hornet, a wanted vigilante, embraces his criminal status and uses it to infiltrate criminal organizations. His reputation as a criminal allowed him access that other superheroes wouldn’t have. In a way, Green Hornet and Kato were the original anti-heroes. 

Kevin Smith Had Another Green Hornet Series To His Name

Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet series Smith series. Image via Dynamite Entertainment.

The character is very popular, so there were many different attempts to bring him to the big screen. Before Rogen in 2011, Kevin Smith, an acclaimed writer, and renowned superhero expert wrote his own The Green Hornet movie script. The movie itself never really made it, however, the script came to fruition in a different medium. Dynamite Entertainment took Smiths’ unproduced film script and turned into a comic book. This time around, he will have a hand in writing the scripts for the animated series, according to

Even more interesting, before news of this new Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet series, Smith himself brought up the comic book on his podcast Fatman Beyond. Smith remarked how simple it was to take an unproduced script to turn it into a comic book, even though he had no involvement with the comic itself. Recently, Smith is also working on another animated show Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. His work on the show is causing him to champion animated series in general, given that remote work is easier to pull off during this global pandemic.

Peanuts Animation Studio Behind Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet Series

Kevin Smiths The Green Hornet series Rogen. Image via Columbia Pictures.

WildBrain is the animation studio collaborating with Kevin Smith on his new The Green Hornet series. The new series will be a generational story that will focus on the son of the original Green Hornet. The sidekick will be the daughter of the original Kato as they team up to fight crime together. Just like their dads. It sounds like the story could possibly jump back and forth between the two Hornets.

Smith’s script turned comic book was a little almost too Kevin Smith-y, with crass jokes dropped into a story that genuinely felt emotionally moving. There’s a lot to like about Smith’s writing, and the story of The Green Hornet definitely seems to fit in his wheelhouse. It will be interesting to see how the years since his first attempt changes Smith’s approach to the character and this story. Although, knowing Smith’s history, it feels like we’re in safe hands. 

We’ll be telling a tale of two Hornets – past and future – that spans generations and draws inspiration from a lifetime spent watching classic cartoons and amazing animation like Batman: The Animated Series, Heavy Metal, and Super Friends.

— Kevin Smith on The Green Hornet animated series

No word on whether The Green Hornet animated series will be on a broadcast network or for a streamer. Either is a possibility seeing that Smith has connections with both. He’s worked with the CW, having directed episodes of Supergirl and The Flash. Smith is also working with Netflix on the He-Man anime sequel, so that is also a possibility. He also had a deal with Marvel and Hulu, though that fell through when Marvel Television shut down. And given his friends in the industry, the voice-cast for The Green Hornet should be pretty insane. 

What do you think about Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet animated series? Let us know in the comments below. 

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