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Kevin Smith Clerks 3 in Pre-Production for Lionsgate

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BY July 23, 2021

I’m not even supposed to be here today. Anyway, good news: jort enthusiast and Friend of Comic Years Kevin Smith just inked a new deal with Lionsgate. To be more specific and to sound less like a robot fed only clippings from industry trades, the new studio deal will see Kevin Smith make Clerks 3, starting very soon.

A Clerks Threequel Was Always a Possibility

After the success of Clerks II, it’s unsurprising that Smith would want to make another one. After all, the ending of the second film left the door open to continue the story. (SPOILER: In case you forgot, because it’s been fif–FIFTEEN YEARS?!–since Clerks II came out, it ended with Randal and Dante reopening the Quick Stop after buying it.)

kevin smith clerks 3 Anderson and O’Halloran in Clerks II, image via View Askew Productions and MGM

So while the deal is new, the plan to make a threequel to Clerks isn’t. However, Smith faced some stumbles along the way. Back in 2017, in fact, he posted that the movie was dead because “one of our four leads opted out of the flick.” The hold-out, as Smith later explained, was Jeff Anderson, who plays Randal. As of October 2019, though, Anderson had signed on to complete the trilogy. Smith announced that month that the film was in the works. And now it’s super in the works, because Lionsgate has bought the worldwide rights to it.

Kevin Smith Now in Pre-Production for Clerks 3

Kevin Smith's Clerks III image via MGM

Smith (Silent Bob), along with the other original cast members, including Anderson, Brian O’Halloran (Dante), and Jay Mewes (Jay), will begin shooting Clerks 3 next month on location in New Jersey. In an Instagram post, Smith revealed that Marilyn Ghigliotti (Veronica, Clerks), Rosario Dawson (Becky, Clerks II), Trevor Fehrman (Elias, Clerks II), and Smith’s wife Jennifer Schwalbach (Emma, Clerks II) will also be returning. Further, he described the plot, which will draw from Smith’s own life. As he wrote:

In the story this time, I give Randal the heart attack that almost killed me. But rather than succumb to the reality of middle age, Randal rages against the dying light by telling the story of his life in an indie film he shoots with his fellow clerks at Quick Stop! 27 years ago, I made a movie about Dante and Randal that made my dreams come true and changed my life – so now I get to return the favor!

In a statement, Eda Kowan, the executive vice-president of acquisitions and co-productions at Lionsgate, said “We’re thrilled to be presenting the next chapter in the Clerks saga to moviegoers worldwide.” Well, we’re thrilled to see it. And in case you missed it, be sure to check our interview with Kevin Smith on Masters of the Universe.

Are you excited to see another Clerks installment? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

featured image via View Askew Productions and whoever owns the Miramax assets now (Lionsgate again?)

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